Friday, 25 March 2016

Sfakianakis: I voted Golden Dawn - Those who the regime unjustly put in prison!

As the veneer of political correctness continues to crack and fade under the burden of the reality, more and more people begin to challenge the establishment’s lies and deceit. Notis Sfakianakis, a rather outspoken celebrity in Greece, who is easily one the most well-known musicians in modern Greece, continued again to support Golden Dawn on national Television.

In the West, we know how the media bullies celebrities into apologising should they dare step over the PC line. A perfect example would be Ted Nugent, who begged for mercy at the hands of the Jewish gun lobby. As we have maintained time and time again, never apologise for your beliefs. As nationalists, it’s the traitors and corrupt that should beg for our forgiveness, not men and women who hold their people and tradition higher than money or greed, like the rest of sell-out ‘stars’.

Sfakianakis held his ground, and maintain he would never vote for the cleptocracy (New Democracy/PASOK), and would only vote for the Golden Dawn, who are being prosecuted for their ideas and resistance to the enemies of our fatherland. Sfakianakis stressed once again that Golden Dawn had been unjustly held in prison by the regime.


It is important to note that when high profile celebrities like Sfakianakis and Donald Trump smash the media lies & slander, they pave the way for everyday people to do the same. Never apologise, stay proud, and keep your head high. Can you imagine Kolokotronis giving up the revolution because some Greek on the payroll of the Turks called him a ‘racist’ or a ‘fascist’? A little bit of perspective goes a long way.

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  1. How refreshing it is to hear a celebrity support a nation and what's in the best interests of it citizens. In the USA, celebrities go out of their way to foster every form of degeneracy and globalism as the elites in New York, Washington, and Hollywood cheer them on. At this moment, legislation in the USA state of Georgia to protect citizens from the homosexual agenda is being criticized by Hollywood entertainers with threats of leaving the state and taking away jobs. All of western Europe and the USA is held hostage by leftist and pro Israel political lobbyists. We're in desperate need of leadership in support of the public as Greece fortunately has in Golden Dawn.