Sunday, 6 March 2016

Israel & the 3rd world invasion of Greece: How Jewish NGOs are flooding Europe with Muslims

We are at a turning point in history where Europeans can no longer afford to overlook the blatant 3rd world invasion of our land. While the latest Muslim invasion is indeed a problem that requires our full efforts, it is important to highlight the true cause of this invasion, and the real culprits behind it.

When we look behind the curtains, we can see the 'refugee' invasion is being fully supported by Jewish efforts, be they Zionists, Marxists or Israeli funded NGOs.

Starting with Jewish billionaire George Soros, the man funding pro-migration groups all over the world, his NGOs are on the ground in Greece personally organising the Islamic invasion of our homeland. The same hypocrite is an apologetic Marxist, demanding Europe pay for and take on no less than 1 million 'refugees' a year, while funding anti-Assad NGOs that are also responsible for the very war in Syria that is causing the refugee chaos.

Next is our long time enemy, Mr Ronald Estee Lauder, the leader of the World Jewish Congress, who personally ordered Greek PM Samaras to crack down on Golden Dawn, in the lead up to their unconstitutional arrests in 2013. Lauder has now officially thrown the weight of the WJC into pressuring Europe into taking on more 'Syrian Refugees', as international Jewry works to throw Europe into further demographic decline and replacement by using their political lobby & controlled media to open the flood gates to untold numbers of savages.

In far away Canada, Jewish communities are privately funding the resettlement of Arabs in Toronto, under their latest 'Sponsor a refugee' initiative to turn North America into a another dumping ground for the 3rd world.

The same proves here in Australia, as the Executive Council of Australian Jewry is backing the Liberal governments decision to ship in thousands of Syrian refugees for resettlement in Australia. Jews in Australia openly march & protest alongside with Muslims to promote the Islamic invasion Down Under, while wealthy & influential Jews in Sydney are directly financing pro-Muslim refugee resettlement initiatives, none of white includes moving refugees to Israel.

While Jewish groups are putting all their efforts into helping Muslim refugees relocate across the Western World, it becomes clear this is an attack on European civilisation, as they do everything they can to keep Israel a homogeneous Jewish homeland. Israel's segregation laws are harsher than anything you might of found in pre-Civil rights era America, as it is illegal for non-Jews to marry Jews in Israel, while plans are openly proposed by the ruling Likud party to bar Palestinians from riding the same buses as Jews. This is the same country that flat out refuses to take Syrian refugees (except for providing medical care to inured Al-Qaeda fighters), while labelling existing Sudanese & Eritrean asylum seekers as 'infiltrators', fit for deportation or detention.

When Israel isn't too busy building walls to block 'wild beasts' (also known as refugees in Israel), they are also nationally funding pro-refugee NGOs that operate only outside of Israel. Our best example to date is the NGO known as 'IsraAID', Tel Aviv's latest 'humanitarian' organisation that is currently on the ground in Greece, as well as Serbia and Croatia. Their latest missions isn't to to help struggling Greek farmers, or the millions of Greeks who are jobless and at risk of poverty, but to assist invading Muslims come ashore into nearby Greek islands from Turkey. Last we checked, there was no war in Turkey, and migrants enjoy relatively safe camps if they genuinely need to leave Syria in order to escape violence.

Greece is in the depths of a massive economic crisis, with out of control unemployment and declining public services, the country in no way has the infrastructure or resources to maintrain its own population, let alone the hundreds of thousands of illegal that invade every year. If the Jews and Tel Aviv love Muslim refugees so much, then they should first open Israel's borders, and welcome them with open hands, as the Jewish diaspora is happy to do on behalf of their non-Jewish host nations around the world.

Israel is not only heavily subsidised by the United States, and unlike Greece, has managed to remain relatively well off for a basket case economy, with plenty of money to go around from their NGOs to help these refugees. It is clear through example that only Jews have the superior egalitarian mindset needed to protect these vulnerable military age Arabic men, and should show the world that they are a leader in resettling refugees, starting with Israel. Infact, Israel should use the money they give to their unwanted refugees to re-settle in Sweden, and instead use that money to rival Sweden as an even greater Humanitarian Super Power.

Open borders for Israel, we salute you!

Written XA Sydney 


  1. Beautifully written.It annoys me when the traitor politicians of Greece call their masters of Northern Europe as "Partners".What partners?They are the same ones who turned their back on Hellenism during the Byzantine age.They are the reason why Greeks have lost vast swathes of their ancient lands.They are the reason why Greek civilization lost their wealth,their scientists,their philosophers,and political influence in their region.Not to mention millions of Greeks who live outside Greece in order to have a life with dignity.Just as in the past,do you think these partners gives a stuff about Greeces interests or well being.I dought it.When it comes to national security,what have Greeces partners ever done for Greece.Nothing!Why does Turkey still have an invasion army still in Cyprus?Why isn't Greeces NATO "partners" not telling the Turks to leave?That's why Greece should look after themselves and find new military and economic alliances.If Germany is so concerned about the economic state in Greece,why don't they return the Gold Bars they stole from Greece in WW2?Why don't they pay the hundreds of billions of Euros they owe Greece through all the destruction they caused and the atrocities they commited?

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