Friday, 25 March 2016

ISIS sends 400 terrorists to Europe, Greece responds by opening 19 more refugee centres

The recent talks between the EU and Ankara only further bury Greece and Europe further into demographic demise, as the Neo-Ottoman empire continues to expand its borders by ethnically replacing our people with Asiatic Muslims.
Like the European Janissaries who served the ranks of the Turkish military, our very own indoctrinated folk work against our national interests by siding with the enemy. In this modern war, there are few guns and cannons, instead, slimy politicians use trickery and deceit to spread their corruption for their own personal gain. Muslims once again flood Europe, but without a single shot fired, this time – the gates are opened by our own traitors, who welcome them with open arms while they spread their terror & rape our women. The recent events in Brussels and Cologne are only a small part of the real story, as more and more attacks will continue to rock Europe well into the future, while the elite claim they are 'here to pay our pensions'.
The Syriza-ANEL occupational government has continued its mission to turn Greece into a warehouse of lost souls, as they reveal their plans to build a further 19 ‘refugee hot spots’. This is in addition to the 48 already built or in construction in Greece, as the daily invasion for more and more illegals continues to burden our nation.  The new centres have been selected for the Thessaly, Macedonia and Attica regions, and on the table are discussions on the creation of an additional centre in Crete.
Now, Greece itself is becoming one giant refugee hotspot, as the Middle East’s undesirables are dumped in the once prosperous nation. We emphasise undesirables, as the military age men abandoning Syria who refuse to fight for their nation are nothing short of rent seeking cowards, looking for a life of free luxury as a welfare parasite in Europe.
So we ask the question regarding the military age Sunni Arab men, what is their real purpose in Greece & Europe? With literally thousands pouring into the country every month, ISIS shares some rather telling warnings, with as many as 400 ISIS fighters allegedly trained for attacks in Europe. Exactly how many more dead bodies and raped women will it take for the authorities to pull the plug on illegal immigration? Exactly how many bombs need to go off before our politicians agree that this a bad idea? The traitors that run our countries have blood on their hands, as they continue to feed and clothe the invaders while nearly 1/3rd of our own people struggle in near poverty.

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  1. Common sense - if you have this many Muslim migrants in Europe and have this many problems, what will more Muslim migrants do.