Thursday, 31 March 2016

Interracial love affair ends in plane hijacking and bomb threats

Earlier today, an insane Libyan Moslem by the name of Seif Eldin Mustafa hijacked an Egyptian plane from Alexandria, landing in Larnaca Airport, Cyprus.

Cyprus’s cuckservative President told a joint news conference earlier with EU Parliament President Martin Scultz that the incident is not ‘terror’ related… so, Mr Anasatasiades, what do you call it when we have a Moslem, hijacking a plane, who refuses to release White hostages, and is threatening to detonate an explosive belt? Something about the plane hijacking and bomb belt threat just says terrorism to me, but hey, I’m just a small minded racist, disregard everything I think!

It’s now been revealed that because the Libyan terrorist is trying to deliver a message to his ex-wife (a Greek-Cypriot woman, of obvious poor judgement), that this somehow makes it not an act of terrorism. Tell that to the British, Greek, Italian, Americans, Duth, French and Belgian hostages on board, that they have no right to be terrified, because this is simply a love affair gone wrong.

I hate to subject my oppressive Western and patriarchal hate culture on a poor and disenfranchised vibrant, but normally, if you need to contact an ex-lover, you generally try the phone. I’m sure Mustafa probably has Viber or Whatsapp, considering his refugee mates in Eftalou Beach in Greece seem to have it on their Iphones. It’s probably a wiser alternative to hijacking a plane to deliver a message, but hey, again, I’m just a small minded bigot, don’t mind me and my crazy ideas.

While at the time of writing we question the legitimacy of this supposed bomb belt, the politicians are trying to play the incident down by calling the hijacker an 'idiot', as if somehow not been an idiot was a requirement for being a terrorist. While it's obvious he is not Al-Qaeda or ISIS, the plane hijacking & bomb threats are most certainly done with the intent of terrorising, and he should be handled as such.

Before we leave our readers, I’d like to share a similar story of another Greek woman who decided to join the Haram of some wild Arab.

Today I introduce you all to another Ninja-Australian, formerly known as Amirah Droudis, a former Greek woman from Sydney who decided to wear a bee keeper outfit and marry a Moslem refugee.

While the couple shared a room in her elderly parents house (probably hostages in their own home),  the two reached notoriety for writing threatening letters to the families of dead Australian soldiers. It only took a few years for her refugee husband to go on a shooting spree in the Lindt Café last in 2014 on behalf of the Islamic State, and end up on a murder trial of her own for stabbing to death her husband’s former ex-wife.
Add Does this look a normal choice of husband to you?

While Amirah is indeed a disgusting pig, she serves as a prime example of what happens when you decide to mix with an obvious lower being. Now, ask yourself, why would any sane Greek woman do this? Stick to your own before you end up on national television or in a burqa, or at best, in a culturally incompatible relationship that alienates your friends and family.
Written by XA Sydney


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    1. My first comment was deleted because the word 'also' between 'hijacker' and 'demanded' was missing.

  2. Since the definition of terrorism is the unauthorised use of violence and intimidation for political purposes, the fact that the hijacker also demanded the release of political prisoners should be convincing evidence the EgyptAir hijacking was an act of terrorism.

  3. The article was written only a couple of hours into the event happening. I didn't actually know he demanded political prisoners released, the MSM dropped this story from the front page the very next day (except for the 'selfish').

    Clearly was more to this than just a love affair gone wrong.

  4. I've never known any successful European and Muslim inter marriage. They all end badly. Some people need to learn the hard way.

  5. You are absolutely correct to describe Amirah Droudis as disgusting.Although I wouldn't call her a disgusting pig because pigs a quite useful and delicious.I think a bag of faeces is more appropriate for that traitor.I hope it rots in jail.It is an embarrassment to the Greek community.That converted rag head has blood on it's hands.Anyone who sleeps with the enemy should be banished to hell.

  6. "HOW ROMANTIC". HE hijacked a plane arrived to Cyprus and demanded the release of prisoners, and the MEDIA says its "NOT TERRORISM". Yes she is a traitor to her race, you will have casualties in war , she committed BEASTEALITY, rot in hell bitch. H.A SUPPORTER from MIDWEST U.S.A PROUD GREEK.