Saturday, 26 March 2016

GD Australia Members recognised by Michaloliakos

Golden Dawn members representing our chapters here in Australia have been officially welcomed by Nationalist chief Nikos Michaloliakos.

Our comrades, arrived in Athens to take part in the 8th Congress of the People’s Association of Golden Dawn, which will be held this coming Sunday. The event will take place at the Athens Novotel, and has been rather boringly and predictably denounced by local bourgeois champagne-socialists masquerading as ‘workers’ who have threatened to shut it down. Good luck with that. Perhaps if they concentrated their energies into blocking the illegal immigrants who ISIS has announced include 400 trained terrorists, then perhaps real working class Greek would actually care.

The GD Australia representatives that arrived where awarded an honorary plaque by Michaloliakos, not just for their own individual efforts, but also for the struggle of all Hellenes in Australia who have taken a stand against the enemies of our fatherland. These include not only Greeks from abroad, but also 2nd and 3rd generation Greek-Australians, many of whom don’t even speak Greek, and proudly join the movement for a free Hellas.

Despite the lies and deceit of the mainstream media in Australia, thousands of Greeks in the diaspora stand on the side of the Golden Dawn. We are the only national opposition that is fighting the corrupt system, and even Greeks thousands of miles from their homeland stand with the nationalists against the kleptocracy that has rotted our nation for over 40 years.

The next few hours are expected to see more arrivals from Golden Dawn delegates from Montreal, New York and Cyprus. We will also be updating our website with further pictures and videos in the very near future.

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