Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Australia First to Golden Dawn: We are your Australian friends and allies in the common struggle

The following message was delivered by XA Australia spokesperson at the 8th Annual Golden Dawn Congress on behalf of the Australia First Party.

Nationalists are now leading by example, and as you may have heard, a concentrated effort of different Nationalist groups is coming together in Australia, to form a unified front of mutual Racial-Nationalist interests. More details will be released in the near future. Regardless of how such a coalition will evolve, we continue to stand in solidarity with Nationalists across Europe, North America, South Africa, and now Australia. Nationalism is rising, and we will stand strong & united in the face of a common enemy.

Dear General Secretary,

I would extend to you my best wishes for your success and that of Golden Dawn in the decisive years ahead.

Your name became known to me long ago in the 1980’s in the earlier days of your struggle and I have followed your progress with great interest. You are assured the growth of Golden Dawn over the last five years has been of great inspiration to Australian nationalists.

Our Australian party is not at the same stage as Golden Dawn, but events are quickening and our growth is certain.

Please know that you have Australian friends and allies in the common struggle


Dr. Jim Saleam


  1. We as Golden Dawn supporters stand shoulder to shoulder with our Australia First brothers and sisters as well as every other Nationalist movement around the world.Together we will be a powerful voice against those who have betrayed their countries and to those who threaten our Western way of life.

  2. Respect from Australia.
    Nationalism is the last protection left for our homelands. United Nationalists to work together to rid our homelands from this cancer. Golden Dawn is truly inspirational. Respect to both Australia first party and Golden Dawn. Together towards victory!

  3. More & more nationalists are coming together, even in the US which is traditionally known for it's infighting. The more the left pushes, the greater our resolve.