Thursday, 24 March 2016

Announcement: Golden Dawn Australia – on the Ground in Athens

As mentioned last month, Golden Dawn Australia has lived true to their promise, and safely landed in Greece.

Five members of our group arrived earlier this week in Athens, with a plan to network with the party in Greece, and more importantly, to share the wealth and resources that patriotic Hellenes in Australia have amassed in order to support struggling Greeks, and the only party in Greece which serves the interest of a free and independent Greece.

Further updates from a conference involving Golden Dawn and their supporting delegates across the Globe will be posted on the site, as well as photos (and possibly videos) of our members assisting the movement on the ground in Athens.

We’ve seen dozens of NGOs, as well as pitiful celebrities, leftists and religious organisations flood the shores of Greece only to assist the 3rd world invaders for the cameras, while completely denying the 1/3rd of Greeks who live in relative poverty of any moral or ‘humanitarian’ support. Golden Dawn has a duty to Greeks first, and we practice what we preach. Unfortunately we can’t say the same for the rest of the Greek political parties which seek first to appease the international loan sharks who are responsible for our plight, and completely disregard the future of their fellow countryman for their own political gain.

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  1. Good work.Hope you treated those ngo"s with the respect they deserve which is less than zero.