Thursday, 24 March 2016

Admission from the System: Golden Dawn now sits on the polls in double digits

Since the 2012, the pundits and pollsters have said Golden Dawn will never crack the 7% barrier in national polls. While Golden Dawn defied then in 2014 by reaching over 9% in the EU elections, we have shown time and time again that no matter how hard the system tries to shut us down, we continue to hold ground, and steadily make important gains.

Rena Dourou, current Governor of the Attica region in Greece, made an important announcement yesterday at the Congress of the Council of Europe, following the deadly attacks in Europe.

"We are discussing today having before us the duty to stand against Islamophobia, and anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism . Remember that I come from the country that gave birth to the Republic, but also a neo-Nazi party in double digits. "

Like the cucks in the Australian Liberal or American Republican party who squirm and beg for mercy when routinely called ‘nazis by the left’, we stand proud to be fighting for a free Greece, and it will take far more than slanderous words from the so called ‘radical left’ to stop us.

On the 11th of March, a member of our Melbourne chapter wrote an article about the Islamification of Brussels. Now, how would such an article fair in the mainstream? We all know it would be called racist, xenophobic, and promoting Islamaphobia. Think about how insane the current situation is: it’s the left that call us ‘Islamaphobes’ when dead bodies literally cover the streets of the EU capital in Brussels. No wonder the people don’t care what the establishment has to say anymore, as reality has completely denied their narrative of any objective substance.

This is why Golden Dawn now sits in the polls at double digits. You can not realistically expect to flood our country with thousands of Sunni, military age men, and not expect bombs to go off. Or rapes to take place. Or mass violence. Or just about anything that contradicts the traditional Greek way of life, while the paid politicians cry ‘religion of peace’ as terrorist attack literally unfold in our capital cities.

The 'Radical Left' has an ideology entirely based on theory, one that never works in a real multicultural society, and is destined to fail, time and time again. Like the centre Right, the establishment parties are entirely divorced from reality, and only Nationalists speak the truth as we are literally being invaded by people who despise us.


  1. It's good to see that more and more people in Greece are listening to what Golden Dawn is saying.The people in Greece are tired of being lied to by the present and past traitor politicians.Only Golden Dawn will give the Greeks their country back which is under attack by illegal invasion of foreigners.Only Golden Dawn will preserve Greece's history and traditions.As for all those left wingers who think that they have the only right to speak on the behalf of all Greeks.GET STUFFED.Go join your gay friends and non European sub humans in some third world shit hole.We as proud Greeks don't want this alien garbage in the land of our ancient warrior ancestors.

    1. I second that motion

  2. Yes, Great post guys I agree with both comments. GREECE is not free because, it begins with speaking the truth. LOW I.Q PEOPLE, DO NOT DO WELL IN HIGH I.Q COUNTRIES. IF YOU WANT TO BE FREE THEN DONT RUN AND HIDE. Proud GREEK H.A THE NEXT GREEK GOVERNMENT.