Monday, 22 February 2016

Upcoming event - XA Australia, on the Ground in Athens

Golden Dawn Australia is announcing that it will soon be on the ground in Athens, personally assisting with the upcoming food drives to assisting suffering Greeks in need.

All the donations we have received over the last few months from our members and supporters will go directly towards purchasing produce from local Greek farmers, rather than global food companies that send profits to oligarchs overseas and pump our people full of GMOs. This latest move of ours allows us to save on costly shipping costs & tariffs, meaning we can allocate more funds to purchasing additional food and essentials, while supporting Greek farmers.

A number of our members will journey to Greece, will personally be assisting with on the ground support in XA Australia T-shirts, handing out food hampers and other essentials in preparation for the upcoming Greek Easter later this year. The food drive coincides with a large concentration of Golden Dawn diaspora members from New York, Montreal, Australia, and Germany, who will be meeting with Golden Dawn officials in Greece regarding upcoming activities of the party.

For our supporters in Australia, please contact us directly via phone or email if you would like to make a contribution before the event takes place. For Golden Dawn supporters who will be in Greece over the coming weeks, and wish to join our on the ground efforts, please contact us via email to find out how you can help out.

We will provide public updates early next month.

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