Friday, 5 February 2016

‘Syrian Refugees’ are flooding Europe because our political elite want them here; not because of war

Right now, Europe is facing an all-out existential invasion. This is an invasion like no other in our history, in the sense that the invaders are being invited by our very own leaders in an effort to replace us. This is a psychological war fought by the indoctrination of socially and genetically harmful ideas, enforced through the mass media, the controlled educational system, and the corrupt political establishment.

While some on the left blame American imperialism for the huge displacement of Syrians since the beginning of the civil war, it is important to keep in mind that this is only half of the story. While we oppose NATO, the United States, Britain and International Jewry in their meddling of the Middle East for their own Zionist geopolitical agenda, it is important to understand that civil unrest in the Middle East is nothing new, and the current invasion is an orchestrated attempt by our treacherous politicians to flood us with cheap labour to specifically undermine the European working class for the benefit of the globalists.

Countries like Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan have clashed with the Jewish para-state after the illegal partitioning of Palestine, all going as far back to the creation of the terrorist state of Israel, shortly after WW2. Israel at times occupied some or parts of its neighbouring states, including South Lebanon, the Sinai and Golan Heights. Large conflicts between rival Middle Eastern States was also not unknown, with a notable example being the Iraq-Iran war (again due to American/Zionist inter meddling and aggression) which cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of causalities, figures not too different to the current Syrian war. None of these wars resulted in literally millions of Muslims illegally pouring into Europe between the 40s and 90s like we have today, so why was 2015 so different?

The purpose of highlighting these conflicts is to counter the leftist (and sometimes Alt-Right) narrative that the 'refugee' crisis is entirely the result of Western imperialism in the Middle East. The real reason for the unprecedented flow of Muslims into Europe is because of the open borders policy promoted by our criminal elite, the best example being ‘Mamma Merkel’ who personally invited untold numbers of 'Syrians' they were welcome in Germany. 

Most genuinely displaced Syrians found refuge in neighbouring countries, such as Lebanon & Turkey in order the escape the war (many of whom are women, the elderly and children). There was no need for these people to come into Europe as they were already in safe zones free of war, and the only reason hundreds of thousands of military age Arab men crossed further into Europe was because they were personally invited to do so, without the consultation of Merkel's constituents who would of opposed such a plan. Merkel's free for all invitation is the reason why only 38% of 'refugees' are actually from Syria, completely shattering the lie that these are all genuine asylum seekers fleeing war. Many are even Moroccans, a country without any civil war, where young men are faking their ethnic identity and get a free ticket to the land of welfare.

Think for a second why millions of Muslim 'refugees' aren't flocking to places like Russia, assuming they are indeed just trying to flee war. Think about why hardly any refugees managed to get a permanent stay in Poland, and few have had any luck in other Eastern European countries like Hungary or Slovakia. It is because these countries enforce their borders, and simply do not allow these so called refugees to enter their society. If suicidal states like modern Germany didn't invite these people to begin with, these so called refugees would not of even come anywhere near Europe in the first place. Even the Islamic Gulf states (who along with America, Britain, Israel and Turkey are responsible for the horrible war in Syria) haven’t let in any ‘Syrian refugees’, another clear example of our how easy it is to keep these people out, if your government wills it.

The refugee crisis, including any children that have passed away while under orders from their negligent parents to illegally enter Europe through dangerous routes, lies at the fault of the criminal Marxists who invited these people so carelessly into our nation. They are the ones who have blood on their hands, and entirely responsible for this clash of civilisations which is destroying our homeland while ripping entire families apart.

If the end goal of our EU plutocrats was to simply replace Europeans over time, perhaps they should of stuck to the original plan of slowly poisoning us with small amounts of immigration over a longer period of time. This sloppy attempt to speed things up is starting to cause a backlash, with a high ranking Greek Cuckersvative MP noting that the 'worse thing about the immigrants is that it will lead to the rise of extremism, and nothing can be worse than the country to fall towards the Golden Dawn'.

While the current mass invasion of Europe may appear to someone on our side as a massive blow from which we can never recover, it is important to remain optimistic in the light of such statements of concern from the very mouth of the system. They understand that people are waking up now, and the voters are looking for alternatives to this living nightmare the corrupt establishment have created.

Each illegal immigrant that crosses into Europe brings us closer to victory, as the predictions nationalists made over 30 years ago that where once laughed out, are now becoming reality. A reality every day Europeans can see with their own eyes, and a reality that our corrupt establishment is struggling desperately to hide. This is a an ugly reality that includes mass sexual assaults, crushing unemployment, strained infrastructure and social services, and a rampant crime wave that is eroding away the high trust societies we once took for granted. It’s only a matter of time before it all falls apart, and we remain in a position to rebuild it from the ground up. 

Written by XA Australia Youth-Front

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