Saturday, 13 February 2016

OXI - Residents of Kos say no against Syriza's 'Hot Spot' Rapefugee centre

 Translated & contributed to by XA Melbourne

The turnout was great, which proves that the reactions against creating rapefugee hot spots on the Greek Island of Kos is not isolated to just 30-40 people, like the government Syriza – ANEL government propagate.

The large demonstration was held this afternoon in the Kos City Hall against the creation of an illegal immigrant centre on the island. According to early estimates indicate about 3,000 Kos residents attended, shouting “NO to refugee HOT-SPOT on the island’.
The great concentration was held this afternoon in Kos Town Hall, as locals rallied against plans to building of the rapefugee hot spot to the South West of Kos's main town. According to preliminary estimates about 3,000 Kos residents gathered to shout "OXI" against the governments forced multicultural plans. 

The citizens gathered at the City Hall and continued their march to the Kos police station, where they remained for some time demanding the release of the detained residents who participated in the mobilisations a few days ago. The previous mobilisation had turned violent, as Syriza's underpaid riot police where ordered to stand the crowd down after they attempted to block treacherous Defence Minister Kommenos from landing.  

Here are videos with the slogans and the National Anthem:

The people of Kos, are giving a resounding NO to the Rapefugees being allowed to come to their island by Syriza, and the Pseudo patriots ANEL.  Never mind the indigenous people and their needs (if they aren't Aboriginal, anyway) because according to George Soros, the Goyim MUST accept the Rapefugees entering their country, even though they never voted for this, nor want the rapefugees. How ''Democratic'' of the Greek government to force this on their very own people.


  1. We all know about the recent invasion of Greece by these illegal foreigners in the last couple of years but we should not forget the previous 25-30 years of a no border protection policy of previous corrupt Governments in the country.There are still hundreds of thousands of this garbage living in Greece.Are these new arrivals in the so called Hot Spots going to be there in another 25-30 years?How many more will enter the country in the future?Until they out breed the local population?Just watch and see tourism nose dive in these regions when visitors walk past all the ghettoes being set up.

  2. So much for EU solidarity. The nation state which is the protector of the people has been broken down, corrupted and destroyed by our corrupt politicians and the global elite.