Saturday, 13 February 2016

Holding Greek flags up high, the Farmers March to Constitution Square

As we reported earlier, the Greek Farmers rebellion against Syriza's tyranny has continued to gain steam, and thousands of farmers descend upon the town centre to protest against the governments betrayal of Greece's agriculturalists.

With Greeks flags in their hands, the farmers sung proud our National anthem, in defiance of the leftist treacherous government which has sold out the Greek rural man in favour of the international loan sharks. Protesting against both the rise in taxes and the continued slashing of pensions, the farmers clashed with Riot Police after the Cretan farmers pelted them with tomatoes. The blockades, many of which have been ongoing for up to 2 weeks, have culminated in yesterday's clash in central Athens, outside the Tomb of the Unknown Solider in Constitution Square.

This latest concentration of Greek workers is yet another example of how Syriza has betrayed the working class, with plans to further double income tax again, and slash subsidies such as affordable fuel for countrymen. More demonstrations are expected, and influential farming delegates continue their support and cooperation with Hellenic Nationalist movement, as seen in the below video with Golden Dawn Secratary Michaloliakos:

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