Friday, 5 February 2016

Golden Dawn joins the blockade of Thebes: Greek Farmers join Nationalists in raising the flag of resistance

The current Syriza regime has been strangling Greek farmers from the beginning of their rise to office, with harsh and unbearable high taxes that seek to crush the very soul of the Hellenic rural man.

The Syriza ideological extremists appeal to the rootless cosmopolitans of the decadent left, a collection of anti-Greek urbanites who look down on country folk as backwards. Perhaps they shouldn't bite the hand that feeds them (literally) as Greek farmers now take to the streets following massive tax spikes that threaten their livelihood and production.

It was only in 2014 that farmers saw their taxes literally double under austerity. Syriza, before their election, claimed they would seek to relieve the tax burden on Greek farmers, but betrayed them within a few short months, further doubling taxes again since retaking office. The introduction of the new sales tax has also further burdened their work, raising from 13% to 23%. Wine makers are now finding their entire barrels of local produce are now worth the same in tax as they are on the market, struggling to break even, let alone make a profit to support themselves.

Now Greek farmers fight back, and unlike what the system would prefer, many have sought a voice through the Nationalists rather than the KKE unions and other controlled opposition. Unlike the career politicians of Syriza, New Democracy, KKE, the River and PASOK, who come from elite and bourgeois backgrounds (many who have never worked a real job in their lives), Golden Dawn MPs are real working people who relate to the Greek farmers on the same level.

In a 24 hour blockade that took place on Friday morning in Thebes, the Nationalist spokesman stressed once again that the Golden Dawn supports the farmers blockades, because the only solution for the Greek economy is the shift in the primary sector and the return to national production.

The 2 Golden Dawn MPs joining the farmers at the Thebes blockade are Kasidiaris, who studied Food Science at an Agricultural university, and Barbarousis, who himself is a farmer. Both where greeted with open arms amongst their fellow workers, further shocking the system. Greek farmers proudly fly the Greek flag in hand with the Nationalists, as Golden Dawn is the only party that from day 1 has advocated a return to the primary agricultural sector, placing the Greek farmer as the backbone of our economy.

The coalition of Golden Dawn and the Farmers resistance has been noticed and commented on by a major magazine, which regrettably admitted that Golden Dawn has strengthened significantly against the establishment following the blockades.

"The most worrying thing of all is the exploitation of the whole situation from the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, that shows it is reaping from social discontent. The show of members with the farmers blockades, such as Golden Dawn MP for Evia, Nikos Michos, and the continued presence of executives at blockades are typical examples of how invested the Golden Dawn is in reactions of social groups with low incomes. In their public statements, Golden Dawn executives do not lose chance to hit the Government, projecting themselves as fellow workers. The Government has repeatedly acknowledged the presence of Golden Dawn in the blockades and in stimulating their resistance”.

Did it ever occur to the people who wrote this that Golden Dawn MPs are just regular workers like the farmers themselves? A furniture sales man, a security guard, a farmer, a baker, these are the regular and proud folk who make up our political block. Not investment bankers, not multimillionaire capitalists, and not ideologically impotent academics who have never had to sweat to earn an honest day’s work.  

While Syriza and New Democracy claim the demographically small bourgeois class, and the elderly, Nationalists continue to drive their support among the working class & youth. The future now moves closer to a Nationalist revolution.


  1. People say Im crazy when I say this but honestly the ONLY way Greece will get out of this mess is if it institutes an authoritarian regime almost a dictatorship. This will pull everyone into line and keep the country heading in one direction. I am not talking about dictatorships as in brutal suppression, but the authoritarian regimes that Singapore or South Korea had which bought their countries from third world to first world advanced economies. The mistake people make is that they believe democracy leads to a strong economy. This is incorrect. You need a strong economy to create democracy. Greece has neither a strong economy or a democracy so nothing good can come of it.

  2. The modern electoralism scam that falsely parades itself as 'Democracy' has done nothing but divide our people & facilitate corruption.

    Nationalism unites, we need strong leaders & popular consensus, not petty factionalism & career politicians working towards their own personal gain & the interests of the top 1%

  3. Its the elite who run the world. We often dont look at our own situation and how it was affected by them. There are millions of Australians (migrants and their descendants) who are in Australia today because of WW2. You may say as a result of Hitler and the war, and resultant civil wars that eventuated in many countries. But Hitler could not have launched his war without the support of western corporations like Standard Oil, Ford and even IBM. Many of these companies not only supported Hitler but also simultaneously the allies. By selling to both sides of the war they generated huge profits. The same fuel company for example that supported the Nazis also sold fuel to the English during the Battle of Britain. Its the elite who profit form wars and control them. And we today are here as a result of them.