Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Damn Swedes! Another 'Swedish' Terrorist arrested in Greece.


The open borders policy of modern Greece has been successful in enriching the small European country with a wealth of  terrorists, human traffickers, arms dealers, and criminals of almost every possible variety. This week, two Jihadists were arrested in the Greek town of Alexandroupolis, after a police operation at the local bus station.

The media has hilariously described the finding as 2 'Swedish' terrorists arrested in Greece, because we all know that blond haired 'Swedes' are the usual suspects for the recent wave of terrorism across Europe. Hell, Swedes were probably responsible for the recent rape epidemic in Cologne, as we all know criminal Swedes (and Belgians for that matter) are a menace to our society and responsible for bringing the Schengen Agreement into disrepute

Authorities found baggage with military uniforms, 2 machetes, and other combat paraphernalia on the two Muslims, 1 a 28 year old of Bosnian origin, the other a 19 year old originally from Yemen. It is believed the two men had planned to move into Turkey, and from there onto ISIS territory to join their brethren in Jihad.

In another twist to the findings, the Bosnian had actually been previously dealt with by Bosnian authorities in 2005 for terrorism offences, where police had found a large cache of explosives, a home made 'bomb belt', and a video in which he made threats to attack the White House. The terrorist was sent to prison for 14 years, and released only a few years ago before seeking political asylum in... Sweden.

We can only ask ourselves the question; Sweden...why?

Unfortunately modern Greece under Syriza is not much better, as our equally treacherous politicians continue to open our borders to untold numbers of radicals for the benefit of their own pathological altruism, and at the orders of Marxist EU Bureaucrats.


  1. At least the Greek prime minister is happy that he passed the law that allows poo punches to get married and to continue to get rid of Christian symbols from schools and to not teach Greek students the truth about the atrocities the Turks did in Pontus,Asia Minor and East Thrace not to mention of Albanian persecution of Greeks in Northern Epirus.How about those Slavic clowns who try to convince the rest of the world that they are the descendants of ancient Macedonia.Why doesn't the Greek prime minister and every other corrupt politicians before him address these issues?Instead of looking after themselves why don't they look after Greece and it's people first.Can't they see the social decay in the country and the ghettos they have set up across towns and cities with illegal people who shouldn't be there?Try going for a walk somewhere in Greece at night by youself and see what happens to you.Before these current and previous traitor politicians allowed these sub humans to roam the country like hyenas looking for victims to rape,kill and rob,local Greeks quite often let their doors and windows in their homes open without the fear of being attacked.

  2. Greeks need to stand up or else we will lose our culture and become an economic colony for the global elite. Idiots like Tsipras are are hastening this process through a type of stupidity and naivism that the elite welcome. Another 2 million refugees are estimated to flood Europe over the next two years, destabilizing the region as the left politicians do the bidding of the elite, all the while the US secures the oil pipeline from Qatar through to Syria and causes devastation countries who have oil.

  3. Imagine explaining to our heroes Kolokotronis and Diakos that we are letting Greece be flooded by refugees, arms traders, drug dealers and human traffickers and our leftist leaders do not do anything because of political correctness. They would have pulled out their guns and shot them for threatening Greece's existence.