Friday, 26 February 2016

8 times as many Illegals invade Greece in 2016 than this time last year

It's official, the invader situation is now completely unprecedented. Over 100,000 illegals have crossed into Greece over January & most of February, that's almost 8 times as many refugees who flooded Greece in the first 2 months of 2015. That's equivalent to 3 times the amount that invaded Greece between than the entire first half of 2015. Besides crushing our tourism industry & the livelihood of our people, the invasion is also being welcomed by our treacherous politicians who are too busy criminalising our struggling farmers. 
Under the Syriza/ANEL regime, Supreme Court General Efterpi Kotzamani is organising to strangle our primary producers, by forcing regional authorities to remove Greek farmers. Completely disregarding the legitimate problems facing our rural population, the criminal regime is chasing down indigenous Greeks, while accommodating literally thousands of illegal invaders whose very presence is our nation is a criminal offence.
Regarding the tourism section, the island of Lesvos provides an example of the destruction brought upon by the so called 'refugees'. in 2015, up to 25 planes a week where arriving on the island, mostly European tourists, totalling almost 75,000 a year, providing much revenue for the locals. Now the recently invested markets in Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic & Poland are almost entirely gone, as planes no longer venture to the once beautiful island that is beginning to look more and more like Islamabad with the current invasion in full swing.
Previously, the major problems of Greece effected primarily the urban working class, who have felt the corruption of the anti-Greek system since at least the times of the Athens Olympics. Now the Social-Democrat cancer has spread to once prosperous islands & the Agriculturalists, who are experiencing first hand the beauty of crony capitalism and rampant ethnic replacement. The future for Syriza now looks dim, as the cuckservative New Democracy begin to lead them in the polls. Once the trial for Golden Dawn comes to it's eventual end, we'll see nationalists beginning their inevitable rise while the failed establishment parties begin their slow demise.


  1. Even if Greece goes to elections this year, you have the control media pitching one narrative that H.A. is a fascists terrorist Nazi organization. That is there answer, the so called sold out political parties in Greece , don't have any ideas and solutions to Greece economic recovery. The E.U. They want total control of every single countries. They do not want governments making decisions, have control of there countries. And if they go to spring elections , you can count on the anarchists, intimidating voters, voter fraud its going to be rigged and H.A. will loose in there so called fair voting process. I hope H.A. takes control of the government and the media close them down all that brainwashing, conditioning propaganda. Put them all in jail. I am proud to be GREEK!!! You are born GREEK you don't become GREEK. Na KSEVRWMISEI O TOPOS APO TA PAKISTANIA, MAVPOUS, TA ALVAVAKIA TOUS. Oh I almost forgot when H.A. comes to power one day send all once and for all the GYPSIES, out of HELLAS, they are not native here send back to INDIA or wherever they come from.

  2. Slovenia, Austria and Skopje have announced they will let in 580 immigrants a day. This is about 200,000 people a year. This is actually worse then closing the borders totally. If They closed the borders totally then presumably eventually the migrants would get the message and stop coming to Greece. By letting in 580 a day the mad scramble will continue in the hope of been one of the 580. This means that over 600,000 migrants a year who passed through the country last year will be stuck in Greece this year.

  3. When the media refers to these invaders as migrants it churns my stomach.As far as I knew a migrant is someone who is invited in ones country.When someone enters a country illegally he/she is invading that country.Whether they are carrying a gun or a handbag it is an invasion.They had a safe country to stay with plenty of space.It's called Turkey.But we all know that the Turks want to swamp Greece with these undesirables on purpose.But there might be a light at the end of the tunnel.Soon Turkey will disintegrate.They will lose everything they have stolen in the last 1000 years.I look forward to the day Russia will hurl them back to Central Asia.Because that's where the Turk originally came from.Hopefully the pope of Rome and West Europeans this time will mind their own business.And I also hope that they return all of Greeces antiquities that they stole over the centuries after they betrayed Byzantium.And our West European friends should say to Greece and other peoples in the region sorry for the 500 years of slavery,torture,murder,land grabs and the stealing of children from the lands the Ottoman Turks invaded.Our friends the West Europeans owe us a lot.We owe them nothing.Without Greeks they would still grunt at one another.They would still swing from one tree to the other.And they would still live in straw huts half naked like animals.