Saturday, 2 January 2016

Stratfor: 2016 Predictions for Greece

While most Australian cities celebrated the New Year with fireworks, a different performance lit up the streets in Athens as Anarchist scum threw Molotov cocktails at riot police. Shortly after 3:20AM, hooded rich kids crawled from their parents gated villas to the leftist ghetto of Exarchia, in order to pretend they are not the dull bourgeois youth that enjoys all the creature comforts that have come from their parents plundering of Greece since 1974.

The violence coincides with the notorious Stratfor prediction, that the political situation in Greece will not stabilise. The US mouthpiece of the American Secret Service has seen that Alexis Tsipra’s betrayal of the Greek people can not be forgotten, as the measures he has now imposed on them are becoming a cold hard reality that can no longer be ignored.

In its annual report, the American think tank makes forecasts for the whole of Europe, while making special mention of Greece. Under the title "the problems which remain for Athens" Stratfor analyses the situation. Predictions talk of instability, negligible economic growth, skyrocketing unemployment and social unrest which may cause the fall of the Syriza Government in 2016.

We note that the Greek economy is undoubtedly up for another year of "negligible growth and extremely high unemployment", not to mention the tax hikes and lowered social benefits which continue to creep in over the cold Greek winter. This will lead to lasting protests and frequent clashes within the Government, which in turn will force the Administration to slow down the reform process, which will be much to the dislike of the International loan sharks, who are eager to continue bleeding the country dry. The Stratfor Institute states "the collapse of the Greek Government cannot be ruled out, because the Tsipras leads a weak parliamentary majority”, while also admitting the Greek establishment wants to avoid early elections, given the current political climate.

It is to be expected that if the government falls, the globalists will want to see more technocrats or a cross party coalition to continue passing the reforms needed to continue the debt repayment. This is because of the fact that all the political parties, except Golden Dawn, will continue with the current bailout as Syriza, New Democracy and PASOK have done before. As we wait to see the inevitable reaction of the Greek people, time will tell if they sway towards the only anti-systemic party that is so feared by the International bankers. Given the collapse of the kangaroo court on the Flysas case, Golden Dawn's rising poll numbers, as well as strong cooperation with Greek farmers, it is fair to say that support is growing, as more and more Greeks no longer have anything to gain from the corrupt system that has robbed them of their savings, dignity and national pride. 

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  1. The sooner the whole rotten thing collapses the better, this could and should be the chance that Golden Dawn has been waiting for.