Saturday, 16 January 2016

Message to the Left

Written by XA Melbourne
It’s game over for the self-hating liberal and Antifa traitors in Greece and the rest of Europe.
After the mass sexual assaults by animalistic kebabs, where over 500 German women were sexually assaulted in 1 night, many Europeans are now starting to finally realize what they’ve brought in to their country, and have had enough of the rapefugees and Angela Merkel. Now, the backlash begins, as the Germans and Dutch have finally organised in large numbers against these invaders, just a taste of what’s to come in 2016 as Europeans begin to fight back.
As we have said time and time again, the problems we saw on New Years Eve was not just restricted to Cologne, this is a massive racial epidemic sweeping the Western world where ever you find unrestricted Middle Eastern migration. Sweden is now one of the top rape capitals in the world because of Moslem immigration, while in Norway the issue has gotten so bad, that they now host classes to teach Immigrants Moslems that it’s not actually ok to rape women.  Even in our very own backyard here in Australia, a Pakistani (described as a ‘Geelong man’) sexually assaulted 8 women in Surfers Paradise, over half of which where 15 year old teenage girls.
Despite the fact that the majority of Europeans and Greeks do not want non-European illegals being brought into their countries, and never voted for them to be brought in in the first place, these treasonous politicians will continue to import 3rd world undesirables on mass scale. These same traitorous politicians as well as well as Marxist elite love to talk about “democracy”, while they force multiculturalism on the average family while escaping to their exclusive & secluded lilly White neighbourhoods that only they can afford. They are so democratic that they feel they feel the need to not only do the exact opposite of what they’re constituents want, but go as far as to censor and even jail people who don’t share their views on insane unrestricted Moslem immigration. And they call us Fascist? Hypocrites.
What is even more hilarious is the fact that the majority of leftists and Antifa demonstrators who demand non-white Moslem immigration into their country, are the very same people that Moslems generally hate most, and often target first once they firmly establish themselves in the naive host country.  A quick glance at the leftist and Antifa crowd and you’ll see it’s mainly made up of homosexuals, hipster freaks, radical arm-pit-hair loving feminists, potheads, social outcasts and degenerates of every kind - In other words, the types of people that these Moslems stone or hang back home in the Middle East.
A great example is the enriching city of Malamo in Sweden, which Swedish leftists engineered into a near immigrant majority town. It is here where the Antifa are not welcome, and not because of ‘evil fascists’, but the very same Moslems these Antifas love to fight for. The same is happening in other parts of Western Europe,  as well as the Inner-City of Sydney, where local CBD lockout laws have pushed Arab hoodlums from King Cross and the city into the Marxist & former homosexual safe zone of Newtown. How’s that for cultural enrichment, antifa? Leftists, feminists and Antifa demanding and protesting for unlimited Kebab into Europe, is the equivalent of a group of sheep begging and demanding for more wolves to be brought into their area to live – While being too stupid to realize what the outcome might be.   
Now it appears that being attacked or sexually assaulted/raped is not such big deal to these degenerate  leftists or establishment figures – After all, according to certain politicians such as German interior minister Ralf Jaeger, facebook posts criticizing Moslem migrants, is actually as bad as the mass sexual assaults conducted by the rapugees themselves… let that sink in for a while. Also think about the female Mayor of Cologne, who in response to the mass sexual assault, advised women to keep ‘men’ at ‘arms length’. Just ignore the mass influx of savages into your modern liberal city, I’m sure these military age fighting males will fit in just fine.
The point of this article is to send a clear message to the self-destructive leftists and Antifa.  The Leftists and antifa reading this need to realize 1 thing -  It’s game over.  Either way you are doomed.  Either your movement will fall to European Nationalism, or to hordes of invading Moslems.  It’s 1 or the other.  There’s no third road.
If the Moslem invaders continue at their current rate, they will slowly but surely ethnically replace Indigenous Europeans through their very high breeding rate, in addition to the continued influx of Moslems, as we’ve already seen in London and other parts of the UK for example, where White Ethnic Brits are now are minority.
They can then mount a serious bid for a violent takeover of the European country they've immigrated to as we’ve already seen in places like Kosovo.  Once that happens, they’ll target the degenerate left whom they hate the most.
Alternatively, this poorly planned invasion plot suffers some serious set backs at the hands of the rising tide of European Nationalism – Parties like Golden Dawn will hold accountable the corrupt politicians and Antifa leaders that had betrayed their own country and people.  Treason will warrant the highest possible legal consequence.
Europe is rising – 2016 will be a big year.  The tide has finally turned.  There’s no turning back.


  1. West Europeans are to blame for Muslims swamping Europe.Ever since they betrayed Byzantium they allowed the invading Ottoman Muslims to establish a foothold in Europe.From their Asian seed they spread by breeding like rats.Now the West Europeans are bringing more in.What for?To join the dole queue or to kill or rape a local resident!These days most Europeans themselves can't find a decent job.

    1. The time has come to reclaim Europe! The tyrants that now control her, will be removed, the people are awakening!

  2. I don't understand why many out there find it so difficult. The liberal and tolerant attitude that these European countries accept these refugees is not shared by the very same refugees they are taking in. These refugees have a conservative, narrow minded intolerant viewpoint and they will use the tolerance afforded to them by western nations to promote their own intolerant viewpoints. Look at all the Western Countries with large muslim populations. All have problems, and some of these western nations are the most tolerant in the world. From Norway to Finland, France, England, Australia and Canada. The problems are all the same. Muslim communities with amongst the highest rate of crime, welfare dependency, lowest rates of education, lowest rates of workplace participation of men and woman....there is a common pattern here. People need to wake up. Yet poltical correctness and the lefties are been used as tools by the global elite to further their agendas. What is worst, the left are so blind they dont even realize they are been played.

  3. The Europeans should send all these refugees from the middle east and north Africa straight to the United States and Israel.They are responsible for all the wars there through their military actions and secret intelligence interference of local governments in the regions mentioned.

    1. Absolutely correct!

  4. The untermenschen, that are raping and pillaging Europe, must be removed, along with the traitors such as the criminal Merkel, who have done everything possible to betray Germany, and the rest of Europe, long live Golden Dawn and the NPD and the many other loyal heroes, fighting to reclaim our European homelands!