Thursday, 7 January 2016

Golden Dawn joins in the Feast of Epiphany

Golden Dawn Piraeus and other comrades from across the nation participated in the annual feast of Epiphany in the port town of Piraeus, near Athens.

Feast of Epiphany

The Epiphany, also known as the Day of the 3 Kings, is an Orthodox celebration held annually in Greece. In the lead up to the holy day, priests bless the homes of local residents, and on the 6th of January, make their way to the local body of water. Local Greeks congregate to the body of water, usually the sea or river, often accompanied by music and celebration.

The water is blessed by the priest, at which point he throws a cross into the water. Local young boys and men jump in the water to retrieve the cross, the first one to do so enjoys good luck and prosperity for the entire year.

The event is also celebrated in major Australian cities where Greek communities are found.

The modern era

Golden Dawn, being a Nationalist organisation, although secular in its politics, practices good standing relations with the spiritual embodiment of the Greek people. We stand for tradition, unlike the atheistic left, with Tsipras refusing to be sworn in by the Archbishop, as is the custom in all of Modern Greece’s history.  

The Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus, who recently spoke out against Syriza’s push to legalise homosexual unions, exchanged greetings with the Golden Dawn at the event. Despite harsh criticism in the past, the more traditional elements of Greek society are clearly beginning to question the current powers to be, and what options remain for a true Greece.

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