Saturday, 16 January 2016

Golden Dawn Commemorates the Battle of Konitsa

Shortly after WW2, Communist traitors started the Greek civil war, which was considered more destructive to Greece and Greeks than WW2 itself. In 1947, a great turning point was achieved when Royalists (Nationalists) and Communists (Internationalists) fought for control of Greece.


The Marxist elite enlisted their ranks with poor villagers from Greece (particularly the North), who formed the backbone of the communist militia. After 1 year since the beginning of the Greek Civil War, the Greek communists overtook roughly 100 villages, and made the small town of Konitsa the headquarters and capital of their tyranny.

The town of Konitsa was selected by design, as the Greek Communist forces received complete and total support from the Communist republics of Bulgaria, Albanian and Yugoslavia. Konitsa was selected by Communist leader Vafiadis, as it was located only a few miles from the Albanian border, well situated to receive supplies, arms, and militants from Communist Europe.

Communist Rule

Unlike what the Marxist revisionists who occupy the Modern Greek academic institutions would have you believe, the Greek communist movement in the 1940s was heavily despised by the majority of Greeks, who didn’t want to see their country follow the same fate as the Soviet Union. The majority of Greeks remained Nationalistic for their history as a people, and would rather not dissolve their identity, culture, religion and nation to the global communist movement.

The para-communist state did not control any sizeable cities, however, the majority of villagers they controlled proved to be difficult to manage, as most Greeks resented their rule. The Communists continued to be unpopular with the ethnic Greeks throughout the remainder of the war, salvaging support only from ethnic minorities in Northern Greece, such as Muslims, Albanians, Skopjians, Gypsies and other undesirables.

Battle of Konitsa

Vafiadis had proven wrong to of chosen the town of Konitsa as his main capital, as the local population actively rebelled against communist rule, siding with Nationalist forces against the communist militia. While making life difficult for the occupying militia, Nationalists sent reinforcements using civilian supplied DC-3s, and out gunning the communists despite the help of Albanian 105mm artillery. 

Golden Dawn continues to honor the event in respect of our Nationalist forefathers before us, and received kind words from the head Bishop attending the event for their recent political actions in respect of Greek traditions in Parliament. 


  1. Its interesting to see how history is often white washed. My grand father fought in World War 2 as a young man. After the war he became entangled in the civil war. Initially, as an idealistic man, he fought with the communists. He believed that they would lead to a better world. Then he saw the reality. Of their cruel treatment and violence towards civilians. This ate at his conscious and he ended up leaving them. These are personal stories of what really happened - often whitewashed by the mainstream media.

    1. It's true, Stalin betrayed them & let them rot after Churchill cut a deal with the Soviets.

      Moral of the story - Never trust a communist.