Friday, 8 January 2016

Bad move Kammenos: Wages cut for military officers

Who remembers in the not so distant pass, when pseudo 'Nationalist' leader Panos Kammenos promised not to cut the wages of military officers?          

Well, for those that do remember, it's only been roughly 12 months since the last election promise, when the so called 'Independent Greeks' have completely back tracked on their pledges, and cut salaries for combat ready officers. This is the same fake Nationalist party that was put together by a band of ex-New Democracy MPs, at the exact same time Golden Dawn rose to power.

Their purpose was simple; to fragment the Nationalist vote, and undermine Golden Dawn's support. Unfortunately for them, their success has gone down hill, getting roughly half of what Golden Dawn achieved and barely scrapping the 3% minimum needed to run in Parliament.

Since their second coalition with ultra leftist Syriza, they have done absolutely nothing to block the extension of citizenship to illegals, gay-unions, the new memorandum, or anything remotely nationalistic. Now they are undermining the standards of our military, and fighting age men across the country who are first to shed their blood in such a historically hostile region of the world.

What is the Syriza / Independent Greeks game plan? Why are they going out of their way to attack all remaining male and traditional  dominated spaces? How do they think they will fare when the enslaved banana republic they have built on fiat currency collapses? Do they think the International loan sharks will protect them against tenacious young Greek men who want their country back? Does New Democracy for that matter think they can rely on the millions of Greek pensioners to protect them when the system collapses? Do the anarchists really have any idea what they are up to if they really got anarchy?

One would be wise to play fair with the farmers (those responsible for feeding us) and the military (those responsible for protecting us) should Greece fall into social unrest. Syriza and the Independent Greeks on the other hand, continue to agitate against these sectors of Greek society, a move that may well cost them if (or when…) all hell breaks loose on a country standing on thin ice.          


  1. Can't really call yourself a nationalist group when you align with the left wing.

  2. How on earth is Golden Dawn left wing?
    Be gone idiot!

  3. ^^^ Not Golden Dawn - read the article