Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Why aren't the rich Gulf States taking in any 'refugees'?

From the beginning of the so called ‘refugee’ crisis, the hypocritical Islamic Gulf States have practiced a very strict no entry rule those displaced by the war. So far, the Gulf States main contribution to the refugee effort has been the funding of the terrorists who are responsible for the very conflict, which is ironically the main reason they are citing as to why they are not accepting refugees, as they believe it is impossible to screen them for potential terrorists.

Looking further into this subject, we find that the Gulf States are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to relocate these refugees in Europe. According to various sources, Kuwait has donated 304 million, Saudi Arabi 18.4 million, and the UAE 540 million in aid to help resettle Syrians abroad. According to the known Arab journalist Akram Belkaid, ‘instead of accommodating the refugees, the Gulf countries prefer to finance them’, an opinion also echoed by Sarah Lee Whitson, Director of the Middle Eastern Human Rights Watch, who says ‘Burden sharing has no meaning in the Gulf, and the Saudi, Emirati and Qatari approach has been to sign a check and let everyone else deal with it’.

The inevitable destination for millions of military age Middle Eastern men has of course been Europe, and while the wealthy Gulf States finance these refugees in their travels, Jewish billionaire George Soros is more than happy to pick up the slack by pressuring church groups, NGOs, and the EU to take in up to a million of these invaders a year. The final result here is clear; the United States and her Wahhabi allies finance wars in the Middle East against legitimate leaders, and Zionists and the Gulf States fund ‘refugee’ resettlement program to speed up the Islamification of Europe. It’s a win win for everyone, unless of ofcourse you are an indigenous European.

While we may seem very critical of the Gulf States, we do recognise the fact they possess some critical reasoning skills, as it has been revealed that ISIS fan-boys are among those that entering into the EU, with Islamic State flags and pictures of beheadings on their phones found by authorities during inspections.  This should come as no surprise, considering ISIS has bragged that hundreds of thousands of their followers have been sent into Europe as ‘refugees’. 


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  2. This is exactly like Israel. Israel came out and said that they would not accept any of these rapugees, yet are funding Jewish aid groups on the Greek islands like ''IsrAID'', to help the Rapugees coming into Greece.
    Obviously it's all about keeping Israel Jewish, but helping the 3rd worlders invade and ethnically replace, Europeans.