Wednesday, 16 December 2015

US turns Libya into the next terrorist headquarters

As ISIS is leading up to its inevitable defeat in Syria at the hands of Putin & Assad, they are now trying to make a getaway to North Africa, specifically Libya which is now a terrorist safe haven due to the likes of Hillary Clinton and Washington’s imperialism.

Within the last 3 weeks, we have seen the Islamic State (formerly Ansar Al Shariah in Libya) extend to over 90000 square kilometres of territory within what was formerly the Libyan state, which the United States and NATO decided was better off as terrorist war zone, rather than a stable nation under the Gaddafi regime back in 2011.

Islamic terrorists have consolidated their power, and concentrated in the coastal city regions, making it their headquarters for operations across North Africa. The conditions for the increasing influence and presence of jihadists in Libya were created after the murder of Gaddafi, which link back to religious and sectarian rivalries found in the complex nature of Libyan society, all of which were exploited by the US war mongers and their allies. With already approximately 5000 men at arms, the Islamic State in Libya continues to expand as mercenaries abandon Syria & Iraq for more promising territories in the fertile grounds of Libya, which includes resources such as oil fields which can be used to help finance their jihad.

At this rate, if the jihadists continue to profit from American/NATO intervention (which created the power vacuum in Libya which is responsible for the rise of the Islamic State in the region), then how far are we from an eventual invasion of Southern Europe, with Sicily being only a few hundred kilometres away? How long until the jihadists expand their black market operations and join their Somali comrades by pirating European ships across the Mediterranean? How long until ISIS strengthens ties with other Islamic Terrorists organisations operating in Africa, such Al Shabab, Boko Haram, Egyptian Islamic Jihad & Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb, in order to join forces in the region for their global Jihad?

With over 1500 km of the Libyan Coast at their disposal, the future of an Islamic State with access to the shores of Europe presents a new geo-political danger, considering anti-Western states, such as Turkey, Israel, and the Gulf States which are financing or assisting ISIS. The Libyan branch of the Islamic State is sure to further destabilize North Africa, considering that Libya is a dissolved country and neighbouring States are militarily weak and governed mostly by corrupt puppets of Washington, who have specifically designed them be powerless in such an environment, unable to assert any influence.

While the Americans manufactured their fake ‘Arab Springs’, to displace their unwanted rulers, destabilise the region, and attack States such as Libya, we can see the result of their chaos as thousands of so called ‘refugees’ (most of whom are Negroes, and not Libyan fleeing the war) pour into Europe on an unforseen scale. Although Libya no longer has a strong leader like Assad to fight the jihadists, Gadhafi loyalists still challenge ISIS in what remains of Libya, with few signs of backing down.

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  1. Short video with the truth about Gaddafi:

    Pity Kike puppets like Obongo and evil witch, Shillary Clinton had to ruin Libya.
    They'll have to answer for their crimes before God one day.