Monday, 21 December 2015

Turkey & Israel - The unholy alliance returns

In the last 5 years, Zionists in Greece have sought to pick up on their big opportunity to win an important role in being Israel’s number 1 ally in the Eastern Mediterranean. The opportunity came about when relations between Turkey and Israel temporarily soured, but it appears that how now come time to past following Ankara’s provocation of Russia.
Israel and Turkey work towards their once again mutually beneficial relationship, working with NATO and International Zionism to assert their own agenda in the region. In the first series of meetings, Israel is now looking to give 20 million dollars to Turkey in order compensate them for the raid of 5 Turkish boats that took place in 2010. Talk of limiting Hamas’s activity in Turkey are also on the table, as Turkey may turn their back on the Palestinians in order to reignite their once great love affair with the terrorist state of Israel.
The Turkish economy, being partially reliant on gas from Russia, is now desperate to find natural resource alternatives, and is unable to continue its now passing stalemate with Israel. As Israel and Turkey continue to inch closer and closer, the Zionist terror state will once again ally with their Turkish dogs to pressure Cyprus into giving up their natural resources. Fortunately Russia has a major interest in blocking such a move, and may be able to assert itself in the region for the added benefit of a Greek Cyprus. 
Historically, the Jews have always manipulated the Ottoman Empire for their own financial gain, while the Turks have been happy to use the Jews for their imperial ambitions, often against the Greeks, such as in occupied-era Thessaloniki. This symbiotic relationship between the two parasites is an ancient tradition that continues to this day, often with few or little interruptions. The latest political unravelling between Ankara and Tel Aviv should be of no surprise, and only further backs Turkey into a position which it cannot escape. A nationalistic Greece and Cyprus would naturally align itself with Moscow, and would fair very well from further tension between Russia with Turkey, which would offer a safe guard from any invasion attempts. 

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  1. Haha, what a surprise. The 2 scumbags of the Mediterranean, back together once again. Shocked it took this long actually.