Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Tsipras - Turning Hellas into Hellenistan

This week, anti-Hellene Tsipras refused to give into the will of the Greek people, and backed the 3rd world invasion of our homeland by mutineers, cowards, rapists and other Asiatic human garbage. Quoted from Tovima

‘Tsipras: “We will not give in to the brutal populism of fences and deportations”

The Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras appeared in Parliament on Friday morning to respond the questions posed by the leader of the Union of Centrists Vasilis Leventis and New Democracy MP Dora Bakoyanni.

Mr. Leventis questioned the Prime Minister on the legality of the hotspots being established in Greece and the government’s overall strategy in dealing with the refugee crisis. The Prime Minister defended his government choices, arguing that they were dictated by reality itself and geography.

Mr. Tsipras argued that Greece will “not give in to the brutal populism of violence, fences and illegal deportations” underlining that his government will insist upon a “policy of humanism and solidarity, despite how difficult it is in our times”. The Prime Minister noted that the establishment of hotspots on the islands where refugees arrive is necessary and called anyone opposing them to submit alternatives’.

In other words, there is no limit of Tsipras treason towards the Greek indigenous people and state.  He doesn't believe in deporting illegal immigrants from Greece, as he considers it ''brutal.'' 

The only thing brutal about reasonably & lawfully repatriating invaders back to their country of origin is the brutality forced on the Greek people who need to endure the non-stop crime wave and anti-social behaviour these interlopers bring into Europe. What’s brutal Mr Tsipras, is the 130 French citizens that lost their lives because you lacked a spine, and refused to assert the laws of Greece by providing refuge to a terrorists who was part of the November 15 attacks. What is brutal is the complete demographic displacement of European by 3rd world invaders who would rather see Greece turned into an Islamic caliphate.

Golden Dawn will not let this happen though, and unlike the traitors that run the country, Golden Dawn will fight till the end, to keep Greece Greek, rather than turn the country over to foreign hordes of invaders, who are slowly but surely, ethnically replacing Europeans.

Written by XA Melbourne

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