Friday, 18 December 2015

Tsipras already plans second trip to Israel in less than a month

It hasn't even been a month since Prime Minister Tsipras went to Israel, and now the leftist shill has already began organizing his 2nd trip to the Zionist terror state.

While the far left favour the secular Marxist Jews (rather than the Zionists), they offer only meaningless lip service to Israel for their crimes against Palestinians, and never follow through on any of their rhetoric with real action. While Tsipras may occasionally criticize Israel for their treatment of the Palestinians, he is quick to fly over to Tel Aviv and make deals with Jews at the expense of the Greeks. Case in point is the take over of the Greek pharmaceutical industry by Israeli companies, while the treacherous government sells out the health needs of Greeks to Jewish money.

The same is seen with Tsipras refusing to denounce the genocidal Israeli government in exploiting Palestinian territories with products that flood the European markets, without notifying Europeans of where these products are manufactured. While Tsipras pretends to be pro-Palestinian, he is more than happy to do deals with Jews at the expense of his people, provided there is a shekel to be made.

While the left would prefer the Jews to remain low key & continue their dirty work by subverting the world through Cultural Marxism, they are only verbally critical of the militant Zionists in their approach to the situation in Palestine. They are still happy to play ball with the International Jew, and take orders from a higher power when required. While Greece is a subjected state to the EU, our leaders continue to be directed by Jews, as seen when Samaras was ordered to prosecute the Golden Dawn.

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  1. Cultural Marxism is an outdated mode of Cultural Analysis. Cultural Studies stopped using top-down models 45 years ago. Get with the times.