Monday, 21 December 2015

Send them to the Gulags: Communists overwhelmingly support gay marriage

Greek society, in comparison to other European nations, remains relatively conservative, and the local push by Syriza to chip away at the sanctity of marriage shows once again who their policy is at odds with Greek society. Greece, along with Italy and Romania, are one of the few non-EU countries not to recognise same sex couples, despite rulings from EU courts who have argued it is ‘discrimination’. The Church still remains firmly against gay marriage, with Bishop Ambrosios calling on Greek people to spit on the law makers who favour the bill, accurately describing them as un-human freaks of nature, suffering from mental illnesses.

Now a new poll has been released with many surprises (or perhaps not) – the University of Macedonia on behalf of SKAI News, has made public the findings from a survey showing the opinions of Greeks on ‘same-sex unions’, segmented by the political party they also support.
The political party with the highest number of supporters for ‘same sex-unions’ was The River, hitting in at 80%, followed by the almighty Communist party, sitting at 77%! These results were followed closely by PASOK supporters – 75%, and Syriza at 66%. As expected, Golden Dawn supporters came in last, with an extremely small percentage, as the party hard line stance on Marriage affirms the natural order, with no concessions to be given what so ever to Cultural Marxists freaks.

On the topic of Marxist freaks, it’s important to note here how the Communist party in Greece has changed and evolved since its inception. In the 40s & 50s, most communists were in fact poor villages, mostly from the North of Greece, who had no idea what Marxism was, let alone what the ideology stood for. During the Axis occupation, the Communists offered many young Greek men, many of whom considered themselves patriots, a chance to join one of the largest & well-armed militias in the country.

The communists leaders did well to hide their ideology from the uneducated masses, often talking of nationalistic principles that resonated with the patriotic men, despite communism being the literal antithesis of nationalism and patriotism itself. These lies even extending to religious ideals, captivating priests and parts of the church to join the same ideology that was ironically persecuting & killing thousands of orthodox Christians in Eastern Europe only a decade earlier.

At this point of history, members of Communist Party are almost indistinguishable from the Nationalists of their time, who also fought the occupation, but remain hidden from the history books in modern Greece thanks to the red takeover of our education system. The rural man, bounded by a sense of duty to fatherland, family and tradition, found his way across a variety of political circles in Greece, and made up the backbone of the working class. This was a time when even Stalin himself banished homosexuals to Siberia, describing it as a ‘degenerative phenomenon’, and the famous communist revolutionary Che Guevara, had also personally organised similar concentration camps in Cuba.

Now almost 70 years on, the once ‘macho’ communists of Greece are a shadow of their former selves, having degenerated into spineless masses to further the decadent interests of the modern ‘progressives’. Your modern ‘communist’ is no long indistinguishable from your average nationalist, having rejected the natural world in favour of mindless drug fuelled consumerism. The lack of morals on the modern Greek left continue to become more and more obvious, and as Golden Dawn remains the only party to defend traditionalism, we find more and more people coming to our side.

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