Monday, 21 December 2015

Return of Janissaries: Ankara radicalising Muslim youths from Thrace

The treacherous occupational Greek government again works with the criminal state of Turkey to undermine Greece’s social cohesion. It’s long been known that what is bad for Greece, is good for Turkey, and if the Turkish state does anything to praise a move of the Greek government, it is because it is inherently bad for Greece

Now, the Turkish government is working on a program that takes young Muslims from Greek Thrace (who are born citizens), and transfer them at a young age to Turkey, in order to be raised in a theological school and university, so that they can return to Greece as ‘imams’.  The families who chose to send their children to Turkey are provided with strong incentives, including the tuition fees, accommodation, food, and other expenses in order for the children to complete their studies. A further special ‘bonus’ of up to 300 euros is also applicable for said families, providing a rather strong incentive for struggling families in rural parts of Greece, who are also dealing with austerity.

The imams in this case are radicalised, hardened by a religious fundamentalist government that happily shakes hands and support Islamic Terrorist organisation, as exposed by Russia and her allies. The purpose of the imams, once sent back to Greece, are to serve as actors, who will promote Turkey’s Nationalists interest amongst the sizeable Thracian-Muslim population, through the use of radical Islam.  

As we have seen in the recent Paris attacks, Radical Islam has found fertile grounds in Greece, with one of the jihadists having taken refuge in Greece in a bid to move onto more lucrative western targets abroad. The Syriza government, which like PASOK & the KKE, finds strong support amongst Greece’s minorities, and is in no rush to halt the collaboration of this radicalisation program. Time and time again, we see the Marxists are happy to promote Islamic in order to undermine the indigenous host population, and further the globalist agenda that seeks to destroy entire nations. 

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