Monday, 21 December 2015

New Democracy calls upon their zombies for latest round of voting

Cuckservatives of the modern Greek Centre-right, also known as New Democracy, are in a bid to find themselves a new leader who can out do Syriza is selling off Greece to International bankers. While your average KKE Communist card holding member is already one foot in the grave, New Democracy seems to be a fairly close rival, with a similar percentage of geriatrics amongst their voting ranks.  

Now, thousands of New Democracy’s employees (paid pensioners), turn out like drones to keep the blood sucking vultures of Greece’s Liberal economic party alive. New Democracy, having no real vision or direction to provide Greece with any hope, rely entirely on their connections within the media to call upon millions of the elderly to vote with a promise to secure their pensions.

While we respect senior citizens in their right to vote, it is insane to think that a serious party has to depend on the voting preferences of one of the least educated, cash poor, state-reliant demographic that get all their information from the government controlled media channels.

Although Golden Dawn is the youngest political party in terms of MPs and voters, we respect our elders, and make no false promises of untold wealth to come their way, in order to bribe our way towards their vote. Nationalists are nothing like the New Democracy MPs, who are nothing more than the same baby boomer wankers who happily put their parents into nursing homes, only to call upon them every few years in times of elections. The same MPs strike fear into the hearts of their voter base, when talking of the future of their pensions, despite the fact New Democracy has made unreasonable cuts to the only income of the elderly. How’s that for a stab in the back?

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