Wednesday, 16 December 2015

NEMESIS and the SCALES of JUSTICE - The Fight Goes On!

Article by Australia First Party, Brisbane

May 2nd last year, blood soaked the wattle, as our sacred now blood spattered Southern Cross was held defiantly in the hands of patriots whom are always prepared to die for the people and our most sacred struggle. Golden Dawn and Australia First Party marched in solidarity against the illegal imprisonment of duly elected members of Greek parliament, and a direct blatant breach of Article 62 of the Hellenic Constitution.

From kangaroo courts, to state approved violence on the streets of Athens, to assassination, and even bombings, ANTIFA anarchists and communists as the state approved street enforcers not only get away with their most depraved crimes, but they are funded and supported at the highest levels of "government".

Corruption runs deep, not only in Greece, but within the very halls of power here in Australia, the claimed "lucky country". From within the unions, to even the magistrates court. Today we were reminded why we stand. The message today was loud and clear. If a street enforcer of dictatorial state promulgated globalist dictated policy, then violence is not only okay, it has the states stamp of approval.

Once again, we saw a violent offender (Joe Myles) with a long history of violent stand over tactics as a union heavy, and known underworld career criminal, get handed a get out of jail free card, whilst video and photographic evidence was thrown out of court. Why? Apparently a technicality has seen to it that video evidence is considered not evidence at all, and that due to the delay in retrieving the video data, it is no longer valid and cannot be proven without a shadow of a doubt that the career criminal Joe Myles is on the video, even though his face is in full view of the camera engaging in a brutal attack that saw an elderly gentleman hospitalized in emergency, with complications due to the grievous injuries lingering even long after the attack. We have been kept in the dark from the outset. Constitutional law and victim protection and rights be damned. That fact that both witnesses ended up walking straight into the same location where the violent offender was celebrating his victory over his victims and law and justice over drinks, speaks volumes.

From extensive delays in session to secret meetings, multiple witnesses being dismissed, and not one of the two remaining victim witnesses even taking the stand. The whole state of affairs reeks of absolute corruption and collusion at the highest levels.

But, this fight is not over, not by a long shot! If these criminal elements, including those in positions of authority from government to judges, think they can get away with this travesty of justice, they are delusional. There will be recompense for their most grave crimes and collusion.

In ancient Greek mythology, Nemesis is the goddess of divine retribution, and Adrestia justice, 'she who cannot be escaped', the goddess of revolt, just retribution and sublime balance between good and evil. Adrestia's punishment is symmetric, while Nemesis's punishment is asymmetric, and that includes every individual whom consciously prevents the course of justice.

The disturbed order and balance will be harmonized and thus restored.It may not come straight away, but the toll will be paid in full. Let this be a warning to all those whom stand in the way of righteousness and justice. The blood of the innocent, the wrongly incarcerated, the countless dead martyrs, from Athens to across the European world will be heard. Nemesis will ensure there is retribution, Adrestia will have her payment in full. As a corrupt political Regime dies, so does its State Judiciary System.

Let it be remembered, one does not have to believe in balance or the divine to make it so, or for balance to be restored. Those whom fight to bring retribution, restore balance and justice are indeed the champions of Nemesis and Adrestia. You fight for Justice far more effectively, after you experience the pain of Injustice. Symbolically and morally and by direct action of the righteous, truly these champions are afforded the hands and authority of the divine.

"So we must fly a rebel flag
As others did before us.
And we must sing a rebel song,
And join a rebel chorus.
We’ll make the tyrants feel the sting
O’those they would throttle.
They needn’t say the fault was ours
If blood should stain the wattle."

~Henry Lawson

"Morality and self-restraint can be achieved only through education in a civilized society, because man in the raw state of existence may become a savage when he is not self-sufficient. The negative influence in a society owes its allegiance to the modification of the instinct of self-preservance in to amour propre or huffiness of the uneducated, that leads him to compare himself with others, so as to fetch his pleasure through their pain and misery." - J. J. Rousseau (1712-1778), 'The Social Contract', 1762.

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