Thursday, 3 December 2015

Insanity: European oligarchs propose Turkish EU membership to control migrant crisis

The criminal state of Turkey, which provides aerial support for Islamic terrorists, is now undergoing a process of having its mask removed for the entire international community to see. It has been known that Turkey has supported ISIS for a number of years, by rehabilitating their wounded to make way back to the battle field, providing training to youth terrorists in Turkish cities, allowing thousands of foreign jihadist mercenaries to safely cross their border & arming ISIS via 'moderate rebels' with military grade weapons. Turkey has now also been been exposed by the Russian intelligence for supporting ISIS financially by purchasing large quantities of their black market oil.

While this has been known to us for some time, it is expected that the recent downing of the Russian jet will bring more attention to Turkey's imperial game plan. While laughably trying to retain its image as a secular/moderate Middle Eastern nation, Ankara, much like Washington and Telaviv, shake one hand with NATO and the other with Islamic terrorists to serve their international interests. Their extremist allies, the royals of Qatar, Saudi Arabia & the UAE, have worked together with the Israelis & Americans to undermine Russia by re-routing vital gas pipelines from the Gulf to Europe. When Assad refused to let the decadent Wahhabi elite expand their financial empire into his territory (in a favour of a much more sound deal on offer by Iran), we saw the internationalists funnel billions of dollars into the so called 'moderate rebels' who began the civil war in Syria.

Turkey, along with the Gulf Arabs, are undeniably supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria to serve their geopolitical interests. The Turkish dictatorship, which fancies itself the first secular & modern nation in the Middle East, is attempting to join the European Union while gaoling its own journalists for exposing the governments links to ISIS. Meanwhile, the European oligarchs have offered Turkey over 4 billion and potential EU membership to better handle the 'migrant crisis'. If there is a Middle Eastern migrant crisis in Europe, then how exactly does admitting a backward & majority Muslim nation with over 70 million people fix the problem? While the European leaders would rather we think of them as having good intentions & merely making a political mistake, this is no doubt a planned effort to legitimise the flood of Muslims into Europe by offering barbaric Turks EU citizenship.

Regardless of what we may think of the 'progressive' EU morals, Turkey is by all definitions the antithesis of European civilisation, both past and present. The admission of Turkey into the EU would only further our demographic plight, and offer the Neo-Ottoman empire a new chance to colonise Europe once again. Turkey's outright cooperation with Islamic terrorists also adds more fuel to the fire, as ISIS fighters cross the boarder into Turkey whenever in need of refuge, essentially bringing the Islamic State into the European Union.

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  1. As a European citizen, I will never see Turks as my brothers. Sorry non-whites are not Europeans.