Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Big City ‘problems’? Not any more

These images are not from the Karachi, Islamabad, nor the slums of Athens. These photos were taken from Agios Nikolaos on the Greek Island of Crete, where hundreds of Pakistanis shouted ‘Allah Akbar’, raising green flags of Islam in celebration of Muhammad’s birthday.

There was once a time when such scenes where restricted to larger cosmopolitan cities, and the majority of the population that lived outside these urban hubs could go almost a lifetime without seeing such events. White flight, once an option for inner city folk is becoming less and less a viable for solution for Europeans looking to maintain a traditional standard of living, as the cancer spreads out small towns and villages across the continent. Think of the small East German town of Sumte, population 102, that received literally hundreds of refugees almost overnight during the so called ‘refugee’ crisis.

Even the tiny Island of Chios, which has received almost 700 ‘refugees’  a day, is now experiencing an unprecedented overflow, without the proper infrastructure to withstand the massive surge of Middle Eastern men pouring into its towns. Now as the winter settles in, refugees are lighting fires in order to keep warm, with many gotten out of control and ravaging the country side, threatening local residents as the struggle to contain the blaze.

Exactly how far can the capitalists, social democrats, and globalists continue to push the 3rd world into Europe, before there is nowhere left for ordinary folk to run? While the elites can afford to tuck themselves away in million dollar gated communities, the working class finds itself more and more isolated with nowhere to turn. It’s only a matter of time until the disenfranchised European proletariat finds itself once again at the helm of Nationalism, while the Marxist bourgeois offers a gender less, cultureless material world totally void of the natural order of man. 

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