Monday, 21 December 2015

Assad - Protector of Syrian Christians

The USA and Britain have said for years that Assad was a ruthless dictator, responsible for the civil war and the gassing of his own people. While presenting no evidence to back their claims, Assad won 88% of the vote in Syria only last year, a far higher number that any western leader could aspire to achieve.
Assad’s strength and popularity remains firmly attached to his secular nature, having affirmed Syria as an anti-Zionist/Internationalist state that prioritises the needs of the Syrian people. This is why the NATO lapdogs are keen to bring him down, as Israel and their Wahabi allies want to eliminate Assad for supporting the Palestinians, and not playing ball with their plans for economic domination. Assad remains strong secular ruler, who respects all Syrians regardless of their religion, and has been at the forefront of defending Christians in Syria against terrorism, despite being a Alawite Muslim himself.
The Christian community of Syria, numbering no less than 1.2 million, has been well respected by the Assad family for generations, and continues to flourish in a country where they are protected by a leader who actively works for their interests, as well as Syrians. This is in contrast to the United States number 2 ally in the Middle East; Saudi Arabia, who in practice have laws no different then what ISIS is enforcing in their terrorist state, such as beheadings for non-believers
This week, Assad and his wife attended a highly symbolic gathering at the Orthodox Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the city of Damascus. The event was a rehearsal of a church choice in view of the celebration of Orthodox Christmas. Take a good look at your average Syrian Christian, someone who has pride in their homeland and is willing to fight for it, unlike the cowardly military age ‘men’ pouring out of the country in hope of getting on the dole somewhere in Germany. 

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  1. President Assad, is a President, fighting the wrath of the international terror network, thank God for the support given him to by, Vladimir Putin!