Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Works and Days Tsipras: The Greeks in slavery until 2034

Written by Golden Dawn Greece,
translated and edited by Golden Dawn Australia.

Prime Minister Tsipras vainly attempts to justify the signing and implementation of the Memorandum. The sacrifices of the Greek people are not going to get value for in return, because the treacherous policies have the average Greek condemned to slavery that will last at least for the next 20 years.

Which reveals, moreover, the German Die Welt newspaper giving publicity global company Prognos AG report on developments in various aspects of politics, economy and society. This research specifically mentioned the economic crisis in Europe, having physically special tribute to Greece.
According to the chief economist of Prognos AG, Michael Bemer, the Greek economy will shrink by 0.8% per year with a soaring unemployment rate, at least until early 2020, and by 2022 the ratio of debt to GDP of the country will touch 245%.

In contrast to the international usurers and their submissive puppets in Greece - who speak of improvement to the dire situation in which the country is in - the survey data has come is dispiriting.The Bemer speaking and the social impact of the crisis provides that the unemployment rate will come down to 10% after 25 years, while only 2034 the Greek economy will return to pre-crisis level.In short, the Prognos AG predicts the next generation Greeks will be that which is partly "liberated" of the shackles of memorandum policies. With the demographics to be the major issue in our country, with thousands illegal immigrants waiting daily in harbors and beaches for their invasion in Greece, it is obvious that the Greeks today have to pay not for themselves, not for their children, not for the children of their children, but for a financial oligarchy which lives against them and protect future illegal "permanent" residents.

The ''honorable'' agreement Tsipras and his courtiers, is nothing other than signing the death sentence of the Greek Nation.

However not just Tsipras, but even the political puppets before Tsipras, like the previous New Democracy and Pasok governments, had already turned Greece into a banana republic.  Greece's economy, or what's left of it, relies largely on tourism.  With free trade among the European Union members, Greek manufacturing has little hope of getting off the ground and doing serious business, while Germany, Britain, and other larger populated EU countries flood Greece with their products, with no foreign tax tariffs.

All is not lost however.  There is one solution, to the current economic slavery that Tsipras and his predecessors have put Greece in.

Golden Dawn, believes in pulling Greece out of the EU, which will than allow Greeks to set up manufacturing businesses.  Greece pulling out of the EU, and no longer having free trade agreements with other Euro countries, means that German and other Euro products, being imported into Greece, get charged a noticeable foreign tax tariff.  This than gives Greek company's that manufacture products, more of a chance of competing and surviving against foreign imported products. 
Because without manufacturing company's in a country, than there is no jobs available - Hence the current situation in Greece right now. 

However only Golden Dawn believes ripping up the memorandum, which means Greeks aren't forever slaves to the debt, and in restoring manufacturing in Greece, which than means more jobs available to Greeks, therefore a more thriving economy in the long run.
Golden Dawn aims to turn Greece into a thriving, unstoppable National Socialist Greek machine, like the Sparta of old, where as Tsipras and the other parties, aim to create a Greek Slave nation, in order to please foreign interests.

Seems like an easy choice for Greeks to make. 


  1. I would love to see the rise of a new National Socialist state. It's been 70 years since the world last saw one.

  2. The Greek people only have two choices, to bow to the tyranny that is being imposed upon them or to fight against it, the choice is simple! Support Golden Dawn!