Saturday, 14 November 2015

Update from XA Australia

November has proven to be an eventful month for local activity in Australia, with the introduction of new members who are now contributing to our cause and more continued activism from our NSW, VIC & SA chapters. A remembrance event for Giorgos & Manos was also held in Western Sydney on the 1st of November, as covered on the main XA website.  More photos & videos from the event will  be uploaded in the very near future, as well as the updating of our youtube & photo sharing channels with new content of local activism that is yet to be shared.

New changes are also due to come to our website, as well as new plans for local activism. We are expecting traffic & content to slowly increase over the coming weeks and exceed previous monthly levels, so please stay tuned for:
  • Regular article content from new and earlier writers & translators
  • Podcasts
  • Interviews with local activists and other Nationalists in Australia, as well XA members in Greece
  • Webshop, with all profits going to Golden Dawn in Greece
  • Public meetings across the East Coast and Adelaide
Article content will remain slow over the coming weeks, but will pick up in December, with a fluent English speaker in Greece who will be providing monthly updates, as well as the return of previous writers who will be joining our new translator in Melbourne later this year. Podcasts & interviews are scheduled for early 2016, with merchandise and clothing proposed for the coming March to financially assist Golden Dawn food drives in Greece. Public meet & greets will also be announced on our website quarterly, starting next year. A graphics section will be included, offering our readers material to print and post propaganda in their local area.

As the Overton Window continues shifting towards the right, more and more momentum is propelling our movement forward as the cold hard reality of our times becomes harder to ignore. The latest attacks in Paris will no doubt force millions of Europeans to question the unprecedented flow of ‘refugees’ into the heart of our civilisation, forcing the Social-Engineers who brought upon this madness to justify the ongoing invasion which has lasted over 70 years. We ask those active on social media, forums, chat rooms & the comments sections of various news sites to please share this video, in hopes that maybe just one more person might wake up

Our thoughts are with those that are suffering at the hands of this attack on the European people, and we’ll continue to fight until the bitter end.
Hail Victory


  1. Yassou XaAus.

    Just wondering if you accept Non Hellenes in the Chapter and or willing to work with other Nationalist groups in Australia (Not talking about UPF, nor Skinhead "88" gangs)
    Cheers mate

    1. i'm not Greek (slavic background) but i meet with the Sydney GD in the Inner West. i brought an Italian friend as well, never had any problems. always good company with other nationalists


    2. Rick - We network with other Nationalists in Australia, provided they are of the non-kosher variety.

  2. I was wondering the same thing. I'm an Italian citizen living in the USA, but I'd love to be a Golden Dawn member. You are by far, the best and most successful Nationalist group in Europe.

  3. I also wish to support Golden Dawn, I am an Australian Nationalist, and believe, Golden Dawn is the very best movement in the world today, I see the way the movement is growing in Greece, and realize, just how far behind Australia is, with rubbish sitting in its parliament, actively undermining every decent thing in this country! I can't wait for Golden Dawns inevitable and glorious victory in Greece!

    1. The best we can do for now as non-Greeks living abroad would be to buy Golden Dawn products from or send food and prepaid cards to Golden Dawn Ameriki and Australia. All of the proceeds go to the party of course.