Monday, 30 November 2015

The self-destructive nature of the International Jew

It’s no secret that Jews were instrumental in the flooding of Western Nations by the 3rd world, an achievement they proudly boast to and consider one of their greatest collective achievements.  In Australia, the Jewish community of Melbourne was spearheading the White Australia Policy, culminating in Walter Lippman’s (Chairman of Australian community Relations, 1975) introduction of Multiculturalism, which effectively buried the White Australia Policy.

While the mid 70s are often considered a time when European migrants (Greeks, Italians, Yugoslavs, Poles, etc) began to dwindle in numbers, it is often remembered as a period that began the mass importation of Indo-Chinese refugees into Australia, particularly those fleeing the Vietnam war. What many neglect to remember is that this was also a time when Australian was flooding the Western Suburbs of Sydney & Melbourne with Middle Eastern refugees fleeing the Lebanese Civil War.

In recent times, it has come to light that Australian Immigration Officials warned against the government from allowing mass-Middle Eastern migration into Australia due to integration concerns. Falling on deaf ears, Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, son of Jewess Una Wolf, ignored their concerns and continued with his mass immigration proposals.  The 70s was a time of great turmoil in the Middle East, not too different to today, as Israel locked into war with its Arab neighbours and Anglo-American imperialism continued to chip away at the sovereignty of Iran.

One can only imagine why a Jew like Fraser, who heralded pro-Zionist policies during his time as leader, would be championing mass-Muslim immigration into Australia. Surely the ethnic tension and violence in the Middle East between Israel and the Arabs would be enough for Jews to use their influence to deflect Muslim immigration into their Western safe zones, rather than promote it.

While Fraser’s liberal policies of institutionalising multiculturalism greatly strengthened Australian Jewry, it began the first phase of demographic suicide that not only weakened the host population, but also the International Jewish community. To this very day, Middle Eastern criminals continue to degrade the quality of formerly blue collar working class White suburbs in many parts of the Western World, but also present problems for the Jewish elite in their bourgeois hubs.

With our present situation, we can see that the self destructive demographic policies of Fraser was not limited to a bygone era, but still a current key policy of modern Australian Jewry. The Executive Council of Australian Jewry has fully endorsed the Liberal government’s decision to bring in Syrian refugees into Australia, as well as sending over 44 million Australian tax payer dollars to assist the refugees overseas. Perhaps someone should ask the ECAJ what they think of the thousands of men and women who are forced to live homeless on the streets of urban Australia, don’t they deserve a fair shelter while we face one of the greatest housing problems with this insane levels of property unaffordability? Or better yet, ask the ECAJ if they will allow those Syrian refugees to settle in the heavily Jewish populated suburb of Bondi Junction, or be taken in and provided shelter by the local Synagogue.

Jewish support for migrants is not concentrated to a handful of policy influencing elite, but also to every day Jews, who march with Muslims to bring in more refugees to Australia. Jews in Sydney are now financially backing the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee,  under the banner of the ‘the Jewish Coalition of Jewish Refugees’. This is a Jewish communal coalition, from grass roots organisers, to financial backers, to religious clerics, and political lobby groups, who are actively promoting mass Islamic migration to Australia. The very people these Jews are bringing in are statistically very hostile to Jews, and responsible for a new wave of attacks on their community, furthering the narrative we have been fed that Jews are an oppressed minority for no reason what so ever.

Extreme examples such as the Muslim Terrorist attack on a Parisian kosher deli remain the exception (for now), however, more subtle attacks are not uncommon. While the average European shows less resistance towards Jews in the modern era, Anti-Semitic violence is apparently on the rise in these very same countries.  Surveys now show over 55% of Western Muslims harbouring ‘anti-Semitic’ attitudes, with 766 anti-Semitic attacks recorded in 2014, showing a 36% increase on the previous year. The fact that these narcissistic Jews demand a monopoly on the suffering industry, and accuse the Semite Arabs of ‘anti-Semitism’ is rather astounding, considering it’s the Jews themselves who are continuously pushing for mass Islamic immigration into the West.

A rather interesting example recently surfaced in Melbourne, where a Muslim finds himself confronting a number of Orthodox Jews

While the above clip is more comical than anything, a 2014 ECAJ released a report claiming a 200% increase on physical attacks on Jews in Australia from the previous year.  It is obvious that the Muslim invaders these Jews seem to love so much are also responsible for the sharp rise in attacks on the Jewish-Australian community, a serious problem that needs to be addressed in managing their end game. Even Fraser himself in more recent years started to backtrack on his almost flawless devotion to the Zionist elite back in the 1970s, and it is very possible that many more Jews will follow his lead.

In the event that the Protocols of Zion are indeed a forgery, we are without a doubt living in a time of a life imitating fiction. While the International Jew relies on anti-Semitic attacks to justify their victim status (which in turn feeds their political power), other Jewish elite think they use their Marxist brain washing on the masses of Muslim youth with the same MTV that has turned whites into docile consumerists.  Given that ISIS recruits its fair share of Muslim Rappers, there is a good chance that popular culture may not be enough to deter young Arabs from their hoodlum life style. Time will tell if the attempted liberalisation of Muslims youths safeguards the Jewish community in the future, or if a very different fate awaits the Zionists who engineered this demographic nightmare. 


  1. I always assumed that the Zionists in power thought that letting some of the Jews in white countries suffer was a necessary loss to protect homogenous Israel.

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