Saturday, 21 November 2015

The New Schengen Agreement: Endless hordes of invaders to be stranded in Greece

The Schengen Agreement provides citizens of the European Union to travel between member states without border checks, essentially removing internal borders between EU countries. In effect, a Greek Citizen can travel to other nations that are part of the Schengen Area (which is now enforced by EU law), just as someone from New Victoria can travel to Tasmania without a passport or boarder check.

Following the deadly Paris Attacks, it was revealed that a “Belgian” man (note: Desert Dweller who happened to be born in Belgium) had drove into France to commit the terrorist attack, prompting French, Swiss and other EU authorities to take steps to close Europe’s internal borders. Meanwhile, the insane bureaucrats who are running the EU have promised to keep the external borders open to non-Schengen countries, meaning anyone from a Syrian ‘refugee’, to a Pakistani ‘asylum seeker’ can now freely enter Europe under the pretence of ‘human rights’.

This madness essentially means thousands (or the millions expected to flood Europe by 2017) can continue pouring into Greece, while other EU states can effectively refuse their entry at the border for obvious security threats. Greece will be forced to retain the invaders, as seen with the dumping of unwanted refugees in Greece under EU laws which state they need to sent to the first EU country they entered.

We can see the media now shifting their narrative in the face of the Paris Attacks, as the benefits of ‘diversity’ and ‘vibrancy’ from the 3rd world invasion are now being replaced by the equally ridiculous promise of economic booms.  Apparently hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern men, who average an IQ of 83, are going to be a great financial asset to the German economy.  Are these economists completely ignoring the fact that it was just in 2005, over 23% of Turks in Germany were dependant on welfare. Exactly how much kebab do the remaining 78% need to produce in order to bring about this supposed economic miracle? Not to mention the social cost of having to police the Muslim crime wave that continues to plague Germany, and the eventual redeployment of the army as the terrorist threat becomes more and more real.

For now, Germans are fed lies into thinking these deserters and cowards fleeing their homelands are going to pay their pensions, while more and more of these invaders will continue pilling up in Greece as more sane governments refuse to provide them entry into the EU. The demographic and economic time bomb instituted by the EU will eventually implode, forcing real Nationalist parties the opportunity to redraw a line in the sand (no pun intended).

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  1. I feel really bad for Greece, but does this mean that Germany will kick any migrants out? Or are they just temporarily shutting off the flow of migrants into Europe?