Friday, 13 November 2015

Shock in Paris! Over 110 dead and counting, dozens wounded and taken hostage by Islamist attacks

Written by Golden Dawn Greece,
Contributed to by Golden Dawn AustraliaΣοκ στο Παρίσι! Πάνω από 110 νεκροί, δεκάδες όμηροι και τραυματίες από επιθέσεις ισλαμιστών

Terrorists attacked a restaurant, a concert venue, a bar and Stade de France at the time when there was a friendly match between France and GermanyAt least 60 people died on Friday night killed and many others injured after four attacks in the city center, and up to this time shots heard from various central locations.According to reports, armed assailants stormed with Kalashnikovs (AK-47s machines guns) in the restaurant and started shooting, and threw grenades.

Some time later heard three explosions near the stade de France in which time she held a friendly football match between France and Germany. While watching the match, Francois Hollande was ousted to safety immediately, whereas before some French media reported that near the stade de France the authorities found two dismembered corpses, which probably belong to a suicide bomber! Then unknown gunmen opened fire outside the busy cafeteria, while a few minutes later broadcast that heard gunfire and an explosion in Bataklan musical theater, which this time is in progress hostage situation. So far it is not known who is behind the attacks, however, many are already talking about terrorist attacks by Islamists, while the police have launched a manhunt to identify the perpetrators. Indeed, many witnesses said the assailants shouted "Allah Akbar" - "God is great".

This attack comes after the attack on Charlie Hebdo and other terrorist attacks throughout Europe.This proves that Greece, but also the whole of Europe is in a terrible case of danger, they grow the treacherous policies of European governments that wish to engulfment hordes of illegal migration, within which lie the jihadists - terrorists.

French president, Francois Holland, has now said that he'll now close the borders of France - A little too late mate.  You, Merkel, Tsipras, David Cameron and the other traitors let these hostile sub humans flood into Europe in the first place, and anyone that didn't agree with you, you labelled a racist, and even had people charged for ''hate speech'', for speaking against this invasion.  That's ok though.  When Golden Dawn, and equivalent party's rise in Europe and come to power, traitor leaders like you, that have flooded the indigenous European populations with these hostile sub humans from the Middle East, will be arrested, and put on trial for high treason.

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