Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Golden Dawn members, Lampros Fountoulis and Manos Kapelonis remembered

November the 1st, marks 2 years since Golden Dawn members, Giorgos Fountoulis and Manos Kapelonis, were both shot dead in cold blood, outside a Golden Dawn office.
Thousands of Nationalists honored our two Golden Dawn brothers:

''Surprisingly'', police have no clues or leads of who their murderers are. George Fountoulis' dad, and current Golden Dawn politician, Lambros Fountoulis speaks on the seemingly deliberate lack of police effort, to seriously investigate the politically motivated murders:

Two years have passed since the cowardly murder of my son, Giorgos Fountoulis, and his friend Manos Kapelonis, and the very serious injury of Alexandros Gerontas. Sadly, for two years now, we’re in the dark. We’ve not been kept updated by the police, by the authorities on what’s going on with the case. I’ve come with an attorney, I’ve requested to see the file so I can see where the investigation is going. Although they said they would give us information, we’ve come here for nothing. They gave us nothing!

My wife repeatedly calls and says “we want an update”. They tell her “the police chief will call you”, no update. I believe the police are stalling, I don’t know for what reasons. The instigators, for me, are known. It’s the political system, because this was a political murder, the like of which has never occurred before in Greece

We have delivered a letter of protest, and ask that they to do everything possible to find the murderers. Even if the kids were dogs, they would have found their murderers. But unfortunately, some are covering for them and don’t care.

Thank you and I wish what happened to us doesn’t happen to another parent.” 

 In a final note, 1 thing must be made clearly to those responsible for these political murders, as well as the leftists and traitors that are supportive of the murders: For every Golden Dawn member that dies, another 2 fill his place.  In other words,


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