Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Are Islamic Terrorists and their supporters just a tiny minority among Moslems? – PART 1

After the Paris terrorist attacks on Friday night, once again we have the usual scenario - Jew run mainstream Western media, and leftist run media organizations, as well as the general left wingers in the public, becoming apologetics for Moslems, saying “these terrorists and their supporters are only a tiny minority”, or ‘’This has nothing to do with Islam”, or the popular internet meme that’s going around that says, “There are 1.6 billion Moslems in the World, and the combined forces of Al Qaeda, the Islamic State and Boko Harem, only make up 0.003% of Moslems”.

Actually, wrong.

In 9 different Moslem countries, the punishment for a person leaving the Moslem religion (Apostasy), is the death penalty.  No, not extreme at all, hey?  In several others, it’s at least a prison term.

Oh, but that’s the laws of the oppressive governments, not the will of their people” you say?

Well let’s look at what the PEW research centre finds, after conducting a survey with a sample of Moslems themselves, enquiring about their thoughts on killing a person that simply leaves Islam (3rd column in the graph below)

And every day Moslems views on suicide bombings, which has butchered so many innocents?

Whoops, looks like a huge minority supporting it here

Now, what about Moslem support for the Islamic state, the group claiming responsibility for the Paris terrorist attacks which butchered many Westerners?

On the Arabic version of Al Jazeera, a huge sample of 56,881 people have beingsurveyed at the time of this writing, with the question:  “Do you support the organizing victories of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)?

81% have voted yes.   And considering it’s the Arabic language website version, very few Westerns would visit the site and vote.  So it would be almost all, authentic Arab/Moslem people that have voted.  And it doesn't allow you to vote twice either, therefore little chance of corrupting the poll.   So it appears we have the majority of Moslems supporting the Islamic state here...  Woops! Looks like the narrative of "it’s only a tiny, tiny minority" is falling apart here.

You may say, "but these are Moslems that are living in the Middle East, and have nothing to do with the Moslems that have immigrated to the West for a better life".

Well, what do immigrant Western Moslems think about terrorism like we saw in Paris?

  •          1 in 4 British Moslems (25%) say 7/7 London Bombings were justified.
  •          30% of British Moslems would rather live under Sharia Law than British law.
  •          28% hope that one day, the UK becomes a fundamentalist Islamic state.

"Tiny" minority?   More like huge minority, and that’s only the ones that had the guts to say the truth.  Others for obvious reasons, would have kept quiet about their true beliefs.

While Moslems may or may not have legitimate grievances with several Western governments, why do so many Moslems support terrorist attacks (25% of British Moslems support 7/7/ London bombings), that have cowardly murdered many innocents in the Western population, rather than target the actual government that they have the grievance with? 

Oh well, looks like the "peaceful Moslem" narrative is coming apart, unfortunately for the mainstream media, treasonous governments, and jobless ANTIFA junkie hipsters. Only the facts remain, and research shows that Moslems themselves clearly say otherwise, about their support of terrorism and harsh treatment of non-believers.

Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon.

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