Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Zionist & friend of Israel Andrew Robb sells off Australia in TPP talks

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is the latest project of the globalists, a trade agreement designed to destroy national sovereignty, empower major international corporations, and undermine workers for the benefit of capitalists across the Pacific. While this may sound bad for your living standards & community, it is a relief to know that one of the key architects of the agreement is a Jew by the name of Michael B. Froman, who has assured the goyim that this is a fantastic deal worth celebrating!

The TPP includes major exporting economies such as China, Mexico, Japan & the United States, as well as smaller economies such as New Zealand & Australia which can expect to receive the sharp end of the deal when our markets are flooded with overseas exports, and our labour force is replaced by cheap foreign workers.

The TPP is quite possibly one of largest ‘secret’ free trade agreements, as the negotiations were kept away from the public, and details still remain scanty well after the talks have ended. If the deal is such a win win case like Turnball has promised, then why are the details so secret, and why is Obama in a panic to have this passed as quickly as possible?

All the key international players have their fingerprints all over this deal, and the Australian Liberal party trade representative negotiating on our behalf is a man by the name of Andrew Robb, an unapologetic Zionist, who said the following in an Op-Ed for the Australian Jewish News:

‘Under the leadership of Prime Minister John Howard, the Coalition has been the strongest supporter of the State of Israel and of the Jewish people in Australia. That strong support will continue should the Government be re-elected’.

‘Furthermore, we have introduced a number of measures that have provided specific assistance to Jewish people in Australia. This includes in this term adjusting the funding formula for schools in recognition of the unique situation facing Jewish schools, and allowing tax deductions for donations for the Council for Jewish Security’.

It is rather interesting that Zionists like Robb & Jews like Froman are throwing their weight behind the deal, and the organised Jewish Community of Australia likewise can’t wait until China has completely dominated what’s left of our nation to ensure the Jews feel even more  comfortable down under. From here, we quote Jewess Miriam Faine, from the magazine ‘Australian Jewish Democrat’, published in the Winter of 1992:

"The organized Jewish community, if on nothing else, agrees on 'Strict rules regarding intermarriage'. We need to remind ourselves that the apostles of a mono-cultural Australia still see this as a threat, as indeed do large sections of the dominant culture. Therefore we should make it our business to strike common cause with other non-Anglo ethnic groups to promote multicultural Australia. With the demise of Zionism as a doctrine of hope and national fulfilment, and with growing secularisation on the one hand and religious revisionism on the other, it is precisely such a multi-cultural society which would give space for Australian Jews to fulfil their hopes for the continuation of the community. The strengthening of multi-cultural or diverse Australia is also our most effective insurance policy against anti-Semitism. The day Australia has a Chinese Australian Governor General I would feel more confident of my freedom to live as a Jewish Australian".

Other winners of the TPP agreement include major drug companies, as the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme will no longer be limited in subsidisation programs to ensure affordable medication for all Australians. Other winners are Chinese Labour Companies, described as ‘contractual service suppliers’, who will be able to grant special visas to Chinese tradesman who will now be able to undercut Aussie workers in the building industry.

The losers of the deal include every day Whites from developed countries, as American, Canadian, Australian & Kiwi workers could find themselves out of a job, as the possible example of Nike outsourcing it’s few remaining roles to Vietnam with the ratification of TPP. Let’s not forget the environment, as developed countries such as our own will end up lowering our conservation levels closer to that of China, as the agreement does little to address environmental sustainability, overfishing and logging, as well giving overseas corporations the right to challenge and sue local Australian industries over our high regulatory standards.

While the system prepares to sell out Australian workers to China for a quick buck, the establishment relies on its old psychological tricks to force altruistic Whites into submitting to the Sino take over of Australia. This latest example illustrates how Chinese economic imperialism can now be defended by accusing anyone who speaks out against it of being a ‘racist’. The liberal party has put together a short propaganda piece, depicting an ‘average’ Australian family (which features a perfectly normal mixed-race couple...), in defence of Canberra’s wholesale bargain of what remains left of White Australia. If the social engineering here couldn’t be any more obvious, all the directors would be wearing yarmulkes.  

Perhaps when real Australians find themselves priced out even further from the property market, or even out of a job, maybe then the old ‘you’re a bigot’ slur might not have the same intended effect as it has over the last 30 years. Time will tell. 

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