Friday, 2 October 2015

The plan of George Soros

International Jewish billionaire George Soros has released a document on his plan for the EU in managing the ‘refugee crisis’ in Europe. The document, which includes 6 proposals, does nothing to address the real causes of the problem, such as American expansionism in the Middle East, and the broadcasting of empty promises of a multicultural utopia to millions of third worlders who will find happiness & endless benefits in Europe.

The proposals include Europe accepting a minimum of 1 million illegals per year, the opening of our borders, the financial backing of Turkey & NGOs (i.e. slave advocates), and the provisions of a 2 year salary for all ‘refugees’ all to be financed directly by tax payers.

The purpose of Soros’s plan is to not only destroy the demographics of Europe, but to also to exploit illegal immigrants who will become the modern slaves of this century, serving the capitalist cartels of his associates. The foundations have already been laid in the Greek system, as the shills of Syriza are already moving out Greek farmers to make way for a new wave of farms run by illegals.

While the International Jews are busy preparing Europe to become the first grand size multiracial capitalist plantation, Nationalists continue to grow stronger as the flood of illegals wakes up more and more people, day by day. To combat this problem, the following proposals are in answer to Mr Soros’s grand plan:
  1. The immediate closing of our borders, and the deployment of armed forces to secure our nation
  1. The dismantling of people smuggling gangs and their NGO collaborators
  1. The exposure of American imperialism, and the growing political movement to bring those responsible to justice for their crimes in the Middle East

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