Thursday, 8 October 2015

The MPs of Golden Dawn did not rise in the swearing-in of atheists and Islamist

New morals bring in the parliament the new-memorandum system SYRIZA-ND with the New Democracy President Nikitas Kaklamanis requiring from the MPs to rise during the political oath and the oath on the Koran!

Finally, only the MPs of the Popular Association refused to rise during the swearing-in of atheists and Islamist MPs.

It was a symbolic response to the conversion effort of Greece in a multicultural and atheist state.
Note that all Members rose to the… Koran, while many did not rise during the religious oath that was requested by the Bolsheviks capitalists of Perissos and was honoured almost by all SYRIZA’s MPs.
After the intervention of Kaklamanis, who almost yielded “Rise” in the Parliament, everyone stood up like good kids and honoured the atheist government of Tsipras and his fellow travellers.

From the time of Mohammad to the Middle Ages, Moslems repeatedly brazenly attacked and invaded the Roman 'Byzantine' Empire and Europe with bands of armies, in the name of spreading Islam.
Now they use the Trojan horse method - Slow ethnic replacement of Europeans, by continuous flooding of Europe with Illegal immigrants, rapid breeding, and the infiltration of Greek and European parliament with Muslims politicians.

Once Moslems gain huge significant numbers, as well as power in politics, and anchor themselves in Europe, Moslems know, that no one will likely be able to remove them from Europe. The Greek establishment, approves of their anchoring in parliament, and slow take over of Europe.  Only Golden Dawn, stands against this.

Yes, this is actually happening right now in Europe.

The coalition of the ''anti-racists'', who are often all the degenerates grouped together, such as feminists, pro-slut activists, homosexuals, dope heads, effeminate males, liberals, athiests etc., who passionately stickup for Moslem immigrants, clearly have no idea how harshly these Moslems would treat these degenerates in return, if these Moslems gain control any European country.


  1. These "anti-racists" have no idea they are the perfect example of everything Islam rejects. When I see or hear the words anti-racist or antifa, I automatically think of degenerate scum that never wash themselves. It's disgusting.

  2. Powerful stuff, we need to keep talking about this and find real answers - there is a way forward.

  3. These atheists are not secular, they are anti-christian hypocrites.
    They have been indoctrinated by the politically correct left to believe that:
    Islam = race
    White = class
    Darwin = 100% correct when refuting religion
    Darwin = contradictive in regard to gender studies and natural social constructs

    Im an atheist and this is what i go through.
    I dont eat halal because of the cruel animal slaughter required by a religion i dont believe in. Atheist response is im a racist.

    If it wasnt for the Greek Orthodox Church, the Greeks would have lost their language, ancient heratige and entire identity during 400+ years of ottoman rule.
    This is why Greek culture is entrenched in Orthodox traditions by right of passage.
    Therefore i cannot respect my heratige without honouring our Orthodox fathers as their blood was spilt and not mine regardless of what i believe phylosophically