Saturday, 3 October 2015

Syriza's upcoming sell out to Skopje

The Prime Minister of Skopje announced yesterday in the United Nations General Assembly that the Macedonia name issue was the immediate priority of the country: "our position is well known and this is in the context of reality, namely that we are ‘Macedonians’, talk the ’Macedonian’ language and live in a State whose constitutional name is ’Republic of Macedonia’”.

The push comes shortly after Tsipras’ re-election, a sign to the international community that our passive leftist government is ready to give away the honour of their nation, history and traditions. While the Marxists of Syriza are busy opening our borders to refugees and giving citizenship away to illegals, our less passive neighbours are taking advantage of our weakness under our Communist occupational government.

The re-election of Tsipras has raised hopes for the Skopjians, as the Rainbow Party, a political front that actively works against undermining our interests in Northern Greece for the benefit of ethnic Bulgarians who impersonate ‘Macedonians’, has welcomed the rise of Syriza:

"Mr Tsipras,
The Bureau of the European Free Alliance – Rainbow Party, wish to express our congratulations for the electoral victory of your party. Good luck for the progress of your project.
Of course both in previous congratulatory letter we sent you last January, and in this, you stress the theme of ethnic Macedonian minority in Greece, as well as the issue of Macedonian political refugees of the Greek civil war.
Our party since the founding of has not ceased struggling and seeking the recognition of fundamental human rights, as well as the equal treatment of ethnic Macedonians in accordance with all international and European standards. We must never forget that our country coexists many with ethnicities, cultures, languages and cultures, different and yet equal, with fair obligations as citizens, but unfortunately with no equal rights.
We hope that in the near future to provide opportunity for a substantive dialogue.
With appreciation,The Bureau of ethnic Macedonian party”
In response, Syriza foreign minister Nikos Kotzia paid a visit to Skopje, looking to build what he terms a ‘favourable’ climate to overcome the name dispute. It is clear that Syriza has every intention in selling out our Macedonian name, along with our history and identity for his own agenda, which includes the ethnic & cultural replacement of Greeks in Greece. 

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