Monday, 5 October 2015

Putin crushes the Zionist backed terrorists

This time last year, the United States, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & the UAE began their bombing campaign of Syria, supposedly against the Islamic State. This is despite the fact that US arms and supplies were funnelled to ISIS through the moderate ‘terrorists’ they openly supported after it was approved by congress.
While key financiers of ISIS include Gulf Wahhabis, and Al Qaeda remains armed & medically supported by Israel, the terrorists in Sryia, both the ‘moderate’ & ‘radical’, are serving the purpose of Washington and Tel Aviv by destabilising Israel’s enemies. For this reason, the Zionists & their Wahhabi allies pay only lip service to the extremists, and their bombing campaign which is now over a year old has produced little to no results, in order to ensure the terrorists continue their war against the Syrian government.
More recently, Russia has now stepped up its support for Assad, and in less than a week, practically bombed ISIS to the brink of collapse. ISIS has now deteriorated into literally a circus, with nearly half of its military dead of deserted; they have resorted to opening Theme Parks for children in order to save face. After the extensive bombing campaign, Putin is ready to finish the job, which is now raising serious questions as to why the United States was so incompetent in its supposed war against ISIS.
Did the world’s largest military power genuinely fail in its bid to wipe out a rag-tag crew of desert rats, or has the United State’s been forced to reveal its true agenda in the Middle East? Assad has maintained that the US bombing campaign has never been to stop the terrorists, but to bomb the Syrian people’s infrastructure, while maintaining US interests in the Northern part of the country.  Now that Putin has nearly finished the job in a week, the United States and their allies will soon be forced to concede defeat in their attempt to topple the Syrian government through the use of their terrorist proxies.
As Russia saves Syria from the Zionist backed forces, it becomes clear that a Nationalist state, such as the Syrian Arab Republic, can survive against the weight of internationalists in their bid to create a single world regime. The learning here for European Nationalists is that regardless of their opinion on Putin, Russia now represents a beacon of hope for traditionalism, and offers an important geo-political counter weight against liberal degeneracy. 

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