Thursday, 1 October 2015

Illegal immigrants occupy Victoria Square: Infections rise rapidly

Shocking scenes are now returning to the Centre of Athens, specifically in the region of Victoria Square. Illegal immigrants have occupied the whole square and have begun to extend quickly around the nearby streets and alleys. According to local reports, there has been a sharp increase in locals contracting gastroenteritis, suggesting once again that the unchecked hordes are bringing diseases into the country on an unknown scale.

Following the elections, the Syriza regime has taken control of the square, and the joys of multiculturalism have been allowed to flourish and take their course. We are now witnessing grown men defecating on the streets in Athens, women constantly harassed by foreigners, and the complete absence of young Greek children as the area deteriorates into a growing ghetto.

As large parts of Athens continues to look less Greek, and more like an African ghetto, we are reminded that the small price of being called a ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’ by the International media cannot compete with the harsh reality that is faced by thousands of Athenians in 2015. The endless swarm of ‘refugees’ are further deteriorating the already impoverished nation of Greece, while the EU sees these people as little more than units of cheap labour for the benefit of major corporations. The price is paid by indigenous Europeans, who are slowly watching their civilisation destroyed by the same people we spent thousands of years fighting from invasion.

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  1. This is just a symptom of the cancer called the EU, the tool of criminal financiers and nationless corporations, Golden Dawn must stand together with their comrades throughout Europe, to re-establish, honor, loyalty and decency in Europe! They can jail our women and children, they can murder us, but we will never surrender, because we shall never capitulate to pan European tyranny!