Monday, 5 October 2015

Golden Dawn MPs are the youngest of all parties in Greece

A study that analysed the average age of Greek politicians has revealed that Golden Dawn is by far the youngest party of MPs, with a marginal average of 43 years.
For the last 50 years we have heard the left ridicule Nationalists as the elderly, backwards and dying generation that are stuck in their way, and holding down the youth with their conservative views. While this stereotype may be true of the Cuckservative centre Right (as evident by ANELs highest average), this is just another baseless lie of the Marxists, that in no way applies to Nationalists.
With Golden Dawn being the youngest party of all parliamentarians, the voting base is no different, with the Nationalists being the preferred party for young men. In a Greece that is ageing and causing the young to migrate abroad with rampant corruption which caters to the decadent Polytehnio generation, we express the anguish of active citizens and their cravings for a better tomorrow.
While the geriatrics of Syriza and KKE pretend to be edgy & progressive with their rootless egalitarianism, more and more young Greeks identify with the traditionalism and racialism of Golden Dawn. The youth are choosing younger politicians to represent them, that's why the Golden Dawn is able to maintain itself as the 3rd largest party without a single dollar from the system, as they are a sign of hope in a house full of zombies, mummies and ghosts of the sinful and corrupt past.
Our strength comes from our momentum, which is the law of our struggle and driven by the youth of our people. With the media entirely against us, and the judicial system illegally prosecuting our movement, Nationalists continue to stand tall because we stand for something higher and more pure.
As the demographic reality becomes harder to ignore, our political rivals need to ask themselves a serious question, because when the banana republic of modern Greece collapses under the weight of usury and endless debt, who will pick up the pieces and have the strength to rebuild? Can a party supported entirely by pensioners have the power to enforce and defend the old corrupt system, in the face of a far more virile and tenacious movement, driven by ancient convictions that have seen our survival for thousands of years? The future belongs to the youth. 

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