Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Epitideios calls out the EU Parliament on the effects of the memorandum & illegal immigration

Golden Dawn MEP Giorgos Epitideios addresses the EU Parliament in Strasbourg on the financial situation between Greece and the EU, particularly on its effect on the youth. The General stressed that the money coming into the country is worthless, as there is still no development in the Primary Sector to create the opportunities needed to improve the economy and livelihood of the Greeks. The text is as follows:

Madam President,

The harsh austerity measures which have been imposed in Greece over the last 5 years have impoverished the Greek people, have dramatically increased the rate of unemployment (particularly among young people), and have destroyed the economic & social fabric of the country. This information is to challenge the Commission’s proposed developments & to take action concerning investment in Greece.
There are many important questions which we need to be raised:

1. How is it possible to have investments & jobs in Greece, where there is no growth in the primary sector, because no EU funds are allocated to growth?

2. How can we fight poverty and improve the living conditions of the Greek people, where the very conditions of the memorandum have drained every last euro from the Greek worker?

3. How will we combat youth unemployment when there are no jobs available for them, and when they are burdened in debt to educate themselves, earning qualifications they will not get a chance to use in this economy?

Finally, how is it possible to find young people work in Greece, when they are competing against literally hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, competing for the few remaining jobs left in Greece for the youth?

For the program to succeed, there should be money allocated to areas in the primary sector to promote growth, and fair salaries are to be reserved for Greeks who will not have to sacrifice their employment opportunities to an illegal from the 3rd world.

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