Saturday, 3 October 2015

Cypriot government removes Greek flags from annual military parade

Nationalists condemn yesterday’s unacceptable move to remove the Greek flag from the annual military parade on the island of Cyprus. We also condemn the UK’s still active Military Bases that fly the British flag in Cyprus, which is complete disrespect to the patriots of E.O.K.A who fought & suffered in the war against the Zionist collaborating colonialists.

It seems that the treacherous design is a move by the occupational government of Anastasiades, in order to cut ties with the motherland in the interests of rootless internationalism.

The Greek Cypriot Nationalist movement of ELAM remains the only un-bought sovereign voice of Greek Cypriots, and will stand against the government’s vision of severing ties with the Hellenic Republic in the interests of International decision-makers.

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