Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Antifa; useful idiots & tools of the Capitalist System

The end of the White Australia policy was one of the first cases of Canberra shaking hands with the far-left, as a huge demand for cheap domestic labour led to the promotion of ‘multiculturalism’. The true agenda behind the Multicult was to drive down the cost of labour for the benefit of the capitalist class. The Marxists, and so called ‘anti-racist’ activists, would work hand in hand with the capitalists to silence any opposition to the degradation of our living standards and working class white neighbourhoods.

Today, almost all of Sydney’s top 10 poorest neighbourhoods are ghettos of Lebanese and Vietnamese refugees, even after nearly 40 years of free healthcare, education, public housing, and other welfare benefits. While almost driving out working class whites from large parts of our Western suburbs, these same children and grandchildren of refugees are one of the key driving forces behind Sydney’s drive by shooting and drug epidemic. Meanwhile, the anti-racists defend these 3rd worlders with a passion, as the struggling minorities that do engage in legitimate work act as cleaners & kebab store workers for the spoiled inner city trendy ‘Marxists’ activists, who couldn’t replace a flat tyre to save their life.

The zeal and fervour of the ‘anti-racist’ Marxist activists have received formal blessing from our corrupt government, and ironically while claiming to be ‘against the system’, the Marxists have received full support from the same government they claim to hate. In full opposition to real working class nationalist movements, the anti-racists work to slander, expose, and clash with patriots who are the only real radicals questioning the warped values of the corrupt capitalist system.

Our first case in point is Alex Gollan, self proclaimed ‘anti-racist’ activist of the now worthless ‘Anti-Bogan’ website. Alex Gollan spent his time publishing the names, photos, addresses and work places of Australians who he perceived to not share his or the governments love for the 3rd world invasion of our nation, running a smear campaign on anyone who opposed political correctness. The ‘anti-racist’ Alex Gollan worked as a Primary School teacher and deputy principle, and despite his passion for children and refugees, was also charged with grooming underage minors and possessing child pornography on his computer. In another twist, following the allegations, Gollan then proceeded to clear his name by writing an explanation of his role in the anti-racist movement. In a blatant confession, Gollan admitted to being an informant for the Australian Defence Force Investigation Service, as well as the Feds.  The perverted left once again unveils its hideous head, as not only abusesr of children, but also as tools for the system.

Next we have the Antifa degenerates, the progeny of the Anarchist movement, and self proclaimed ‘rebels’ against the system. So rebellious are these inner city hipsters, that they purposely break all patriarchal norms, such as bathing, the use of shampoo, and basic grooming. When these slimy & effeminate social justice warriors aren’t illegally squatting in abandoned buildings, they receive funding from government agencies to operate ‘anti-racist’ activities. Unfortunately, this proved to be another case of anarchists biting the hand that feeds them, with the Liberal Abbott government closing funding for the ‘Building Community Resilience Program’, which proved to be a front for ‘Exit White Power’ Australia. Not only was the capitalist government funding the ‘anti-racist’ Marxists, but the sterile university students parade in their designer, mass produced Che Guevara shirts, while getting a pat on the back from their ageing leftist professor, who is about as radical & edgy as an episode of Ellen Degeneres.

On the topic of Antifa losers in Sydney, it’s worth pointing out a couple interesting characters, if not for information purposes, but in the interests of a good laugh. While Antifa claims to be the vanguard of leftist anti racism, they are in reality nothing more than a circus & freak show, who serve the anti-European establishment. Below is a couple of stooges who have made threats against Golden Dawn Australia, our response so far has been laughter.

First up is Oscar Alessandro, a self-hating Italian cuckold, who gets a hard on while watching Lampadusa become overrun with thousands of blacks. Oscar is famous for claiming in Facebook messages that he ‘smashes fascists’, a statement we don’t doubt, as we’ve never seen such a tougher looking guy, sporting a designer scarf in the Australian Summer (how original!), and is yet to win his mother’s trust with a glass cup at this point of his life.

While Oscar might possibly be the toughest anti-facist in Sydney, he embraces the Marxist sexual equality agenda, and proudly displays facebook chats on his cover photo about his husbands cleavage. Despite having the arms of a girl, Oscar makes up for what he lacks in kilos with the latest metrosexual style, a pre-requisite for any modern Marxist revolutionary (coming to an organice juice bar near you).

Next up is Alexander Reid, another self-hating white Ethno-Masochist, who spends most of his days watching real men playing football & fighting for aboriginal-transgender rights by night. Alex is your standard Antifa tough guy, who isn't quite shaving his face yet, and looks almost like he can pass for 16 years of age. Combined with Oscar, they probably produce enough testosterone to rival a menopausal woman, but putting image aside, I’m sure if any of us bumped into Alex on the street, we’d be shaking in our boots!

When Alex isn’t posting pictures of Smurfs on his facebook, he organises soccer matches for anti-racist organisations. So popular is his cause, that he nearly got 5 players on his team… great work, Alex, soon you might have enough to get a full 11 man squad! Though we might have to go for the more liberal definition of ‘man’, as some of your Antifa mates below might be able to fill in a couple of spots

While there simply isn’t enough time to name all the names, we’d like to leave our readers with a sample of Antifa filth in Australia. Below is a small collection of images of the Antifa Sydney freak show, on parade against the Australia First Party in 2014. While you may have the urge to mail these people some Clearasil & Slim Fast, we recommend sending them a few Syrian refugees to their homes, as I’m sure the Muslims they claim to love so much also share their passion for pink trousers & the original Antifa male burqa fashion accessory.


  1. "Today, almost all of Sydney’s top 10 poorest neighbourhoods are ghettos of Lebanese and Vietnamese refugees..."

    No African ghettos yet? By contemporary Western standards, you are truly blessed.

    1. It's coming, it's only a matter of time until they infest those suburbs as well.

  2. Where did Gollan disappear to? I saw some chick post a freedom of information application on righttoknow dot org or whatever but the cops stonewalled her demanding photo ID and money and stuff.

  3. "who is about as radical & edgy as an episode of Ellen Degeneres" man you guys are truly out of touch with modern SOCIETY HAHAHA LOSERS