Monday, 5 October 2015

1.4 million illegals set to invade Europe over 2 year period

The majority of mainstream news networks have started to downplay the number of ‘refugees’ (illegals) that are being smuggled into Greece & Europe, yet the facts still remain even without the media sensationalism. More information has come to light through the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), that continues to report on record numbers of ‘refugees’ entering Greece.
An official report claims that no less than 168,000 ‘refugees’ entered the Mediterranean in the month of September. When counting the number of refugees from previous months until the beginging of 2015, the total number amounts to 530,000! The vast majority, prefer to enter through Tsipras’ Banana Republic, making Greece the number 1 first destination for illegals entering Europe.
Spokesperson for the UNHCR said that the number of refugees for October has decreased on previous trends, but this has been mostly the fault of poor weather in the Eastern Mediterranean. We can expect the number to ramp up quickly as the weather is forecasted to improve the coming weeks.
Final estimates for Europe’s refugee intake in 2015 will now most likely reach 700,000, with most analysts agreeing that the total number over 2015 & 2016 will amount to to approx. 1.4 million. This is probably about 600,000 short of what George Soros had in mind, but we can  probably expect the Neo-Cohens in Washington to start another Zionist Proxy war (probably in Iran, Lebanon or Yemen sometime in 2016) to help hit his ‘humanitarian’ target. 

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